Are You Buying Your Teen Their First Vehicle?

The decision to buy your teenager his or her first vehicle can be one that may keep you up a night or two.

On the one hand, you are happy that they have the legal right to get behind the wheel. Well, that is unless you worry often. Speaking of that, will it bother you they will now be out there with other drivers at any given time of the day?

For some parents that worry may make them hesitate in purchasing a new or used car or truck for their teen.

If you’re like many parents, you put your trust in your child as he or she transitions into becoming a driver.

So, is now the time to buy your teen their first vehicle?

Always Highlight the Need for Driver Safety

As your teen prepares to get their first vehicle, it is imperative you highlight being a safe driver.

From when they got their driver’s license to when they turn it in, safe driving must follow your loved one.

With that being the case, remind your teen as you buy them their first vehicle the following:

  1. Safety – Your teen must always remember safety when they get into their vehicle to drive. The goal is to never put themselves or anyone else in harm’s way. Safety encompasses many things, so be sure they get it all. Your teen should avoid distractions that could take their concentration off the road. This means using a cell phone, being too involved with a passenger, and letting other drivers get to them. By focusing on the road ahead of them, they lessen the chances for an accident.

  1. Maintenance – Taking care of their car or truck is something that teaches responsibility. That said make sure your teen knows they have responsibilities with maintenance. While you likely do not expect them to pay for major repairs, they should look for any troubling signs. Bad tires or brakes, lights out, and strange noises should always get a check.
  2. Restraint – It can be easy for adults or even teens when behind the wheel to lose their cool. Another driver does something to get under one’s skin and the next thing you know you have a mess on hand. Do your best to teach your teen that road rage is never the answer. The best thing when faced with that type of situation is to drive away from it and take the high road.

From when they were a little kid to now when they’re a young adult, your teen means the world to you.

With that being the case, buying them their first vehicle should come with a stipulation.

That is that they are as safe as can be when out on the roads.

It only takes a second of bad judgment to turn a heartfelt celebration of buying a vehicle to one of sorrow.

Make sure your teen has a drive for safety each time out.