Why Your Online Marketing Strategy Should Include Animated Explainer Videos

It has been a long-established fact in the digital marketing realm that videos are compelling content that all businesses should use. Studies show that when a website has a video, it automatically increases visitor engagement. Plus, videos beat text-heavy content, as well as still images.

In the first 10 to 20 seconds that people spend on a site, only a video has the ability to get people to stay on the website. Why? A thoughtfully produced video presents a marketing message in the least time-consuming, physically taxing way. It explains concepts more clearly, leaving very little room for confusion.

Not only that. According to a video marketing company in Sydney, a video simply appeals better to most people because 65 percent of people in the world are visual learners. They process information faster by seeing instead of reading or listening. And this is one of the reasons why animated explainer videos are highly effective for marketing.

What Sets Animated Explainer Videos Apart from Other Visual Content

The best thing about using animated explainer videos for marketing is they are able to express a message more clearly to audiences quickly and easily. The concise and highly comprehensible delivery characteristic of videos is perfect for an audience that typically has a short attention span.

Secondly, such a video engages both the eyes and ears. Although explainer videos are categorized as visual content, they also engage hearing to enhance interest and perception. 

Thirdly, various studies from the SEO community reveal that animated explainer videos successfully:

  • improve the user experience of official websites;
  • boost user understanding of services or products;
  • increase sales;
  • increase online visibility (since animated explainer videos can spawn a variety of SEO tactics);
  • generate more traffic for the website;
  • and reduce exit rates.

Fourthly, there’s no limit to what you can do with animated explainer videos.

You can get as creative as you want with the script, the look of the characters, and message delivery. What’s more, creativity does not mean increased hassle in the production process. You do without the often volatile factors of traditional film production such as the different skill levels of the actors, the setting, props, and others.

And lastly, they are quicker and more affordable to produce compared to other marketing videos. Since you will be using animation to demonstrate movements or processes, you don’t have to worry about real actors and props that can rake in costs. 

Important Considerations When Making Animated Explainer Videos

There’s no questioning that animated explainer videos make for amazing online marketing content. But to make them as beneficial to your business as possible, do not forget the following:

1. These videos should be shared in a variety of platforms — online and offline.

You’ve already dedicated a considerable amount of money in producing them with the help of a digital video company, you might as well invest in their diverse distribution. 

Consider the possibility of airing your videos on TV, or displaying them on a billboard. Share them on various social media sites, as well as create stills from them to multiply your marketing content.

2. They do not always need to be short.

Although the standard practice for animated explainer videos is to keep them under three minutes, do not think that you cannot make them longer. Digital marketing expert, Jeff Bullas, says that the key to making longer animated videos is to make sure that all the bits of information shared through them is valuable.

If a topic is rather complicated, naturally, you need more time in explaining it to audiences. After all, an explainer video’s true intent is to educate. Therefore, present as much relevant data as you can in a concise way, although not necessarily in a limited two to three-minute video.

3. Do not forget your call to action.

A lot of people still make the mistake of using animated explainer videos only to explain. Remember, they are also the perfect content to instruct and get people to act in your business’s favor. Do not forget your call to action.

And, do not put a CTA just for the sake of doing so. Make it emotionally-charged to drive up sales. Create a sense of urgency or throw in a bonus.

4. You do not need to be a purist.

Your animated explainer video does not need to be all animation. If you already have a collection of motion graphics and live-action content, see if you can work them in for a more eye-catching and relatable marketing video.

Secure Your Advantage

Using animated explainer videos has been proven effective by some of the biggest companies in the digital realm. If they have worked for them, you can trust that they will work in achieving your goals as well. 

So, if you have not yet tried creative video content for marketing your business, you are not doing everything to secure your advantage in a fiercely competitive industry. Give it a go now and see it boost your business in more ways than one.


Anthony Lam is the founder of Punchy Digital Media, a creative agency that helps organisations grow using animated videos and creative visual content. Punchy has a team across Australia and Asia and has worked with clients such as Apple, Westpac and the Australian Government, running campaigns and reaching millions of people.