Why hire a motorcycle accident lawyer in Bakersfield? Find here!

There is no legal obligation to hire an attorney after a motorcycle accident in California. However, it is never too early to seek legal help either. A considerable number of auto accidents are reported in Bakersfield and Los Angeles every year. Crashes and collisions involving motorcycles often have devastating consequences. If you (or someone you love) ever get injured in such an accident, you should be aware of your legal rights and must take immediate steps. In this post, find the top reasons to hire one of Bakersfield motorcycle accident lawyers

Know your case

Should you file a third-party motorcycle accident claim? California is a fault state. If the other car driver or motorcyclist was negligent, they are liable for your losses. However, the burden of proof is on you. This means that you have to share evidence that the party’s negligence caused the accident and your injuries and losses are a direct result of the accident. Most personal injury law firms in California offer free initial consultation for motorcycle accident victims. You can meet an attorney and get a review of your claim. They can also guide you on the expected settlement.

Dealing with the claim

Once you hire an accident attorney, they will take care of the entire claims process. From handling the paperwork to gathering evidence and getting witness statements and expert opinions, they will do it all. You can have the time to recover and recuperate at home. Your attorney also becomes the first point of contact for the insurance company and other parties involved. 

Get a fair settlement 

Insurance representatives and claims adjusters often have their ways to deny and delay claims. In case of motorcycle accidents, they often try to blame the other party. They may also downplay your injuries in various ways. When you hire a lawyer, they will negotiate on your behalf and ensure that you get a fair settlement. They are also aware of the limited deadline for filing motorcycle accident lawsuits, and therefore, if your claim is denied, they can discuss the option of initiating a civil lawsuit. 

Final word

Most motorcycle accidents cause unbelievable trauma, injuries, and stress. Even if you are partly at fault for the crash, you deserve compensation for your losses. Contact an attorney immediately after the motorcycle accident to get advice and support for the case. Just ensure that the lawyer deals with such claims and lawsuits frequently in their practice.