Why Dental Implants Are Gaining More Popularity Nowadays

A dental implant is a popular option for individuals looking to replace broken or lost teeth. While you may live without one or two teeth, it can affect your appearance and how you eat and chew.

Most think that dental implants are new technology. But the truth is that dental implants have been traced back to the tooth-like pieces of shell attached to a Mayan woman’s jaw around 1400 years ago.

Today, more than two million individuals in the US have had a dental implant done, and the number is still increasing because of the following reasons:

1.      Natural Appearance

A dental implant is designed in such a way that metallic parts remain invisible to your naked eyes. Many individuals will only spot the porcelain dental crowns attached to the implant, which may also look similar to your natural teeth.

With such, no one gets to know that you have all on 4 dentures, the most comprehensive and advanced procedures in implant dentistry, done on you.

2.      Better Bite

For most seniors, their adult children keep on pushing them to have a dental implant to eat better and improve their chewing function when they travel overseas.

A dental implant is almost the first choice nowadays, and if it’s not convenient for patients, they can always explore other options with the help of a specialist.

3.      They Keep Getting Better and Better

A dental implant is not just a perfect option to replace your missing tooth. They are also getting better every day.

Innovations help to ensure that individuals who were not able to get a dental implant done on them before, like those with osteoporosis or without enough bone, may use a special type of dental implant, like:

  • Zygomatic implant
  • Mini implant
  • Angled implant

4.      Safe for the Existing Teeth

Putting dental implants doesn’t negatively affect the surrounding healthy teeth. Your teeth may continue to function properly and be healthy.

As a matter of fact, your dental implant can improve your general oral health. Plus, it may encourage bone growth while increasing its density, thanks to the process referred to as osseointegration.

5.      Improved Confidence

As you enjoy your capability to eat and chew effortlessly, you can find yourself getting more confident. Because dental implants appear more natural than dentures, you will have nothing to worry about other individuals noticing.

Plus, unlike dentures, you don’t have to remove your dental implant for cleaning. Your everyday oral regimen may remain the same while mimicking the habit you used for your teeth.

6.      Higher Success Rate

Absolutely no one wishes to go through medical treatment without uncertainties about its effectiveness and safety.

But it is worth mentioning that a dental implant has around a 95% success rate, attributed to advanced dental technology, dentist’s proficiency, and careful planning.

The Takeaway!

If your teeth are severely damaged, dental implants can be the right option for you. Your dentist may always try to keep your natural teeth in tip-top condition, but a dental implant will serve as the best solution if you have a missing tooth. Plus, unlike other options, dental implants are safe and feel and look like natural teeth.