Which Legal Documents Should You Check Before Buying a Used Honda City?

If you are planning to buy a used Honda City in Bangalore or in any other city across India, there are certain legal documents which you should go through. By not doing the same, later in the coming years, you may find yourself in a fix. Thus, to be on the safer side, going through these legal documents are what we would suggest you do. Now, let us see which legal documents you should have a check on.

The Legal Documents which are to be Checked before Buying a Used Honda City

Following given are the legal documents which you should undertake and go about them successfully before you buy a used Honda City.

  • Inspect all the papers issued against the car very carefully: Get a hold of all the papers which are issued against a car and check them thoroughly if they are all clear. If you are unsure about doing the same, you can also get consultancy from the one who knows about these.
  • The registration certificate against the car: The registration certificate is very important as you need to get the registration of your car transferred to your name from the previous holder’s name.
  • The insurance papers issued against the car: The insurance papers are as important as the registration certificate as this is also one factor which involves the transfer of the name from the previous holder to your name.
  • The no claim bonus: By all means do claim for a claim bonus (NCB). Don’t get fooled by anyone. Always remember, this is always issued in the name of the insured person and not to the name of the insured car.

Again as said before, these are all the legal documents which you should check ‘before’ you buy the used Honda City. There is no point in doing it after. Take necessary steps and make your buy hassle free.