When should you Consider Changing the HOA Management Company 

To handle your community in the best possible manner, you would need to hire the services of the best HOA management company. However, finding the right HOA management company could be a daunting task for most communities. When you come across the best Flagstaff HOA management service, you should look for the benefits offered by them in the long run. They should live up to the commitments and claims made by them for handling your community in the right manner. 

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However, several significant issues an HOA board member may encounter when dealing with an HOA management company for handling their community. Let us delve into some of the important aspects to consider for changing your HOA management company. 

Poor communication 

The foremost aspect to consider when you think of changing your HOA management company would be poor communication. It has been deemed an important aspect that weakens the relationship between the management company and the HOA. Mostly, the HOAs would complain about the community manager failing to return their calls or replying to their emails promptly. They may leave a message for the community manager, but it takes a significant delay in responding to the same. Most of the time, the community manager may not respond at all. 

The vendors and homeowners have a similar experience. Therefore, when it comes to handling the management of the homeowner’s association, you should rest assured that communication is the key. Only a quality management company would look forward to keeping an open line of communication with the clients. 

Failure to complete the projects 

In most cases, the community manager of the homeowners association would fail to complete the project. Despite the board had asked them for installation of streetlights or replacement of the fused lights, investigation of water leakage, or making a bid for a new landscaper, if the community is putting off the projects, you should consider changing the HOA manager. The board should repeatedly bring up such concerns that do not make any progress. 

Non-compliance of essential maintenance works 

Yet another important aspect to consider when board members should consider changing their HOA manager would be non-compliance with essential community maintenance work. When the HOA manager is not complying with the essential work, such as drives or walks not maintained consistently, inability to handle the work asked by the board, or violation letters sent to wrong addresses, you should consider changing the HOA management company. 

Inability to access financial reports online 

If the board members were unable to access financial reports of the HOA online or on-demand, they should consider changing the HOA management company.