What You Need To Know Before Hiring a Shredding Company?

To keep your company’s confidential document safe, you must ensure that you shred and destroy the outdated files and documents properly leaving no clue behind. These days, several paper shredding companies have come up which has made it difficult for people to choose a trustworthy commercial document shredding service. It’s important to find out a credible service provider because you would be handing over your company’s information to them. When looking for a paper shredding service, check out the following factors:


You must research the on site residential shredding company which you have decided to hire. Go around and do a survey to enquire about their reputation. Research online and check their customer reviews section most importantly.

The company you decide to hire must have provided quality and satisfactory services earlier and should have e clean work record.

Operation Style

This is another major thing to look into. You must talk with the company’s head or manager to know about their policies and working style. If possible, go around and examine their facilities. Also, enquire about the training and hiring facilities. If the company recruits newcomers without conducting any background checks, it’s best to switch over to the next shredding company.

Proof of Destruction

After your company’s outdated files and documents have been destroyed, the shredding company hired must provide you with a certificate of destruction. This document would ensure that the documents have been properly shredded. Don’t forget to take this certificate once the work is over.

Environmentally Friendly

This might not be essential for your company, but being a responsible citizen, you must take care of your surroundings. Hence, one must always hire one such shredding company which offers eco-friendly services, without affecting the nature or people. In this context, you must question every shredding service provider what is done with the electronics and papers once they are destroyed. Some send them to paper mills, where they are reused and recycled into new products like tissues, paper towels, etc.

Data security is one of the top concerns of every enterprise and it should be so. Not only does data theft and breaches cost a huge amount, but also significantly damages the company’s reputation and goodwill. Hence hiring a secure paper shredding services provider must be of utmost importance.