What is the Safest Gate for My Home?

All independent homes need gates to keep their families and houses safe. No home is secure and safe these days without a properly installed gate. Before moving to a newly constructed house, ensure you seek new professional gate installation services and install a good gate so you and your family can live peacefully without worry and fear.

Why Security Gates?

Home security gates will help deter unwanted people from coming to your house. The gates offer visibility to the surrounding. So you will know who to restrict and who to allow.

Security gates are also versatile as they have a lot of security features. You may power your security gate with a security camera, intercom, and other modern systems to have better control. Apart from restricted access and versatility, other benefits of security gates may include the following:

  • Visual appeal
  • Enhanced safety

What Should You Look for in a Security Gate?

The safety of a gate depends on the absence of entrapment hazards, reliable hardware, and solid construction. Some of the specifics to look into are slat spacing and height.

The slats of a security gate must be vertical, and bars need to be less than three inches apart to avoid head entrapment. However, that space can still be enough to let small and adventurous kids get a foothold on the horizontal bottom of the gate, trying to climb on top of it.

In addition, any security gate you buy must meet the height standard of not less than 23 inches. In order to discourage adventurous kids from climbing over the gate, the one you purchase must be three-quarters or more of your baby’s height.

Gate Systems

The best gate operators will ascertain that your gate systems are secure. Quality gate operators are equipped with various security features, which are important for keeping your property safe. It is also best to choose a gate operator that provides the following:

  • Reversing sensors – This technology helps to protect pets and kids by making sure your gate reverses and stops any time things enter its path when closing.
  • Surge protection – This protects your device against voltage spikes that shorting or blocking causes.
  • Anti-tailgate – This helps to avoid unauthorized access by making sure your gate swiftly closes behind your car.

Examples of Safest Gates

Modern times need modern solutions. But not everyone can afford a gate that arises magically from the ground. A perfect example is an aluminum gate. Lately, aluminum gates have been booming since iron rust and wood deterioration. Not to mention, aluminum gates can easily be customized with artistic designs, which complement your home and comes in various options, including colors, treatments, gap length, and privacy glass.

Automated gates are also perfect security options to keep your home safe. Security is often achieved by obstructing dangerous regions of the gate.

Final Remarks

Whether you want to create a playground, close off the kitchen, or block stairs, security gates are important when keeping your home and family safe. The two major types of security gates are hard-mounted and pressure-mounted, and within these types, you will find various options, like play yard style, step-over gates, automated gates, swing-through doors, mesh, and retractable.