What is the best 64-bit uTorrent alternative for Mac?

A rumor that MAC OS 10.15 will not feature compatibility with the 32-Bit apps has already entered the market. Some of the app developers have previously announced that they will not be delivering the 64 Bit Version for the apps. As millions of people from all around the world are using the 64-bit uTorrent alternative for Macparagraphs underneath have compiled some of the 64-bit utorrent alternative Mac. Even if a user decides to stick to the utorrent, the web-based version will continue to serve them as usual, and hence, users should acquire adequate knowledge about the available options.

  1. Folx 

This is one name the deserves special mention while discussing the 64-bit utorrent for mac alternative. Due to its electrifying operating speed, as well as commitment for the optimum performance, this app has earned a massive popularity among users. In addition, users are served with lots of options for the downloads; in instances they look to download some specific content. The best part about this app is that it streamlines the downloading process and enable the users to accomplish the task within the minimum time and without facing any hassles. Another formidable aspect about this 64-bit utorrent mac alternative app is that it comes in an advanced version that features an inbuilt search engine. This saves users from the chances of wasting time browsing torrent trackers. The only downside of this app is that the PRO version is paid, though, the formidable features in this version promises that you will get back the best values in return.

  1. Transmission 

While discussing the utorrent alternative 64-bit for mac, the discussion will be incomplete, unless a special mention is given to this app. This app can function without the need for any additional resources and can read out the systems locally connected to your system. The best part about this app is its user-friendliness, and the web interface is impressive that makes it easier for the new users to get adopted with its features and functions. The developer has done a wonderful job to encrypt the app with the cutting-edge encryption technology that ensures that safety and security of the users.

  1. Deluge 

This app is compatible with the BitTorrent Framework and has been developed for the Mac Operating Systems. The interface of the app closely resembles the appearance of Linux, which is one of the key attractions of this app to the users. This app supports a plethora of Plug-in and comes with 3 different interfaces for desktops, browsers, as well as a spate interface for the command line.

How to pick the best utorrent alternative 64-bit mac?

As a matter of guide about the selection of the best utorrent alternative 64-bit mac, you should always look for the one that is the most compact, and must feature a user-friendly interface and should ensure the safety and confidentiality of the users. You need to ensure that you are opting for an app that is robust enough to fight the malware.