Understand When Your Termination Was illegal and Make the Right Move

Getting fired from your job may put you in financial crisis and depression at the same time. You may end up losing your confidence thinking about what has gone wrong. Not every time, your employer is right and has a genuine reason to terminate you. If you believe that you have been fired on baseless grounds, it is important to contact a Wrongful Termination attorney Virginia.  He can review your case and lets you know whether you have a valid case.  Below mentioned are a few scenarios, which qualify for the wrongful termination:

Written contract or promises

If your employer has given you in writing that your job may be secure and your performance is up to the mark, you can file a lawsuit. For instance, if you have a contract in which it is clearly written that you can only be fired if you violate the rules mentioned in the contract and still received a termination letter; you must contact a lawyer to know whether you have a valid case against your employer.

You have been performing well

When you work in an organization, your performance, behavior and attendance, everything gets recorded. If you have received several promotions in the past and have been bringing more business to the company and being regular in the office, your termination can be questioned. All you have to do is to document everything and organize your data so that you have solid proof in the court at the time of fighting your case. Moreover, your attorney will need the supporting documents to prove your innocence.

Fabricating reasons for firing

If your company has been firing employees and not giving any genuine reason, you can file a lawsuit asking for an explanation. No company can fire you because it is cutting its expenses or sales commissions. If it does so, it should be included in the initial contract. That’s why, it is suggested to hire an attorney who can educate you on termination clauses.

Discrimination in the workplace

We all know that discrimination based on sex, color, religion and nationality is common in most offices in the United States and all over the world. If you believe that your employer has fired you due to discrimination, you can contact an attorney and take the right steps.

A wrongful termination attorney can protect your rights as an employee and help you get justice so that you can deal with your difficulties.