Truck Accident Injury In California

Truck accidents are very common today. Some of the accidents are so bad, you will not be able to look at the scene. Most of the accidents happen on the highway, where there is no patrolling all the time. Huge commercial trucks are the real culprits behind all these accidents. Statistics show that most direct and indirect accidents happen in San Diego, and the initiator is a truck. In most of the cases, the ultimate result is death. A San Diego truck accident lawyer is adept at fighting these cases. Moreover, Nakase Law Firm is gaining repute for fighting such cases and winning them. Overall these years, most road authorities have tried to implement several measures to stop these accidents. However, they keep occurring. More such cases are piling up in the courts in San Diego. Only a good and experienced 18 wheel semi truck accident lawyer can assist the victim and his family.

Most Common Reasons For Truck Accidents

  • One of the first instances is that of alcohol abuse and drug abuse. Moreover, they often do not have any form of entertainment. They indulge in substance abuse at roadside stops. Drinks and drugs are available aplenty at roadside stalls. Furthermore, they are under a lot of pressure to deliver within short deadlines. However, there are a few drivers who carry drugs and alcohol along with them on long trips. You can take advice on this from a San Diego truck accident lawyer.
  • Secondly, tiredness and fatigue are also behind these truck accidents. Truck drivers are paid on the basis of the number of trips they make. Therefore, they drive fast and get tired easily. Driving is a very tiring job. Driving for hours at a stretch takes its toll on the health as well.
  • There are untrained drivers aplenty on the road today. That is another top reason for grisly accidents.
  • Over speeding and overtaking is also to be blamed. When drivers are driving at high speed, they are unable to brake if any obstacle comes in front. In such cases, accidents are inevitable.

How A 18 Wheel Semi Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help?

You must be aware of weight restrictions. Yes, it is a limitation. However, how many people do you think, follow it? Such huge trucks are permitted to carry weights of 20,000 tonnes. However, when caught for rash driving and after accidents, they are found to carry around 30,000 tonnes. This excess weight can interfere with the braking systems of these trucks. You have to investigate properly.

The attorneys at seasoned law firms always study all the probable causes of an accident. A San Diego truck accident lawyer is important for legal advice. They can inspect from all angles.

Hiring A Lawyer

If your car has been hit by a semi-truck or if you are a victim as a pedestrian, you need help. Get in touch with a San Diego truck accident lawyer immediately. This is very important. You will often have no idea about the next step of action. So, you need someone to guide you.

A well-trained lawyer will rush to the scene and study the tyre marks, skid marks, and study the scene.  Moreover, they will speak to witnesses and try to collect more evidence. It has been often seen, that these truck companies have their own fast action teams. Furthermore, they sometime reach well in advance. So, you as a victim will be at a loss. A 18 Wheel Semi Truck Accident Lawyer  is well aware of such situations and know exactly what to do.

Moreover, they will immediately take photographs, call the police, if they are not there yet. Furthermore, they also collect  evidence. They also fetch medics for you. They study the turn of events and come up with strategies. Therefore, it is crucial that you call the 18 Wheel Semi Truck accident lawyer immediately.

Hire An Experienced Attorney

This is extremely important to get compensation in court. Moreover, the insurance carrier will also try to surpass its duties. Furthermore, you have to take the initiative to prove your case. No one wants to part with their money. Therefore, the defense will take all courses to stop you. You should be able to recover money for medical expenses, lost earnings, the pain, and also disability benefits. Now, avail of free consultation services from the renowned law firms. It is a no-obligation consultation. Moreover, you pay only after you get the compensation money. Nakase and Firm is adept at handling thee cases. Furthermore, truck crashes sometimes involve serious injuries and even death. Hence, it is crucial to inspect each and every angle of the case.

Moreover, there are certain norms that truck companies should maintain. They are a 14-hour duty limit and a 11-hour driving limit. However, companies are not following these norms.