Trendy Shades of Pink Nail Polish That Can Suit Anyone’s Taste

Pink is a classic nail colour. It’s pretty, cute, striking, and resembles femininity. However, getting pink nails doesn’t always have to be bubble-gum sweet. By combining the right shade and elements, girls can easily polish up their nail ideas.

There are an insane number of gorgeous pink nail polish varieties on the market. Sometimes, it can get dizzying to go over 50 different shades and choose only one. The struggle also comes when deciding the nail design that is perfect to go with that colour.

There’s no need to worry. Doing something fun and creative doesn’t have to be such a challenge. This article will share the most versatile shades of pink nails that can go with just about any outfit or occasion. To complete the look, add some extra detailing or go full-on with some nail art ideas that will also be listed.

Choosing the Best Shades of Pink for Your Nails

More often than not, the nail colour a girl chooses reflects her personality and mood. Sometimes, she wants to go for a calm, muted shade of baby pink. At other times, she likes to appear bold and daring with long, hot pink nails. With these shades of pink nail polish, one can express all sides herself confidently.

  • Light Pink Holographic Nail Polish – The timeless dainty shade of pink is made even better with holographic flakes that immediately add a taste of elegance to the nails. This is perfect for casual to semi-formal looks.
  • Nude Pink Holographic Nail Polish – Holographic flakes and colourful hex glitter is added to the sweet, nude pink colour that everyone loves. This shade is suitable for casual wear and colourful costume parties.
  • French Pink Nail Polish – This shade of pale pink is the best choice for the classic French manicure. This chic colour is suited for girls who want to go for a subtle look.
  • Pastel Pink Nail Polish – Pastels and soft pink shades can make any girl feel like a fairy or princess. This is the perfect choice for casual, everyday looks.
  • Bubble-gum Pink Nail Polish – This vibrant shade of pink looks good enough to eat. Apply this on your nails to feel extra bubbly!
  • Pink Pearl Nail Polish – Look chic and posh with this delicate pink nail polish. It’s a regal choice for those who want to feel classy and sophisticated.
  • Dusty Pink Nail Polish – Mauve tones are trendy even in nail colours. This shade is suited for everyday wear and any special event.
  • Magenta Pink Nail Polish – Show off your crazy side by applying a bright shade of magenta to your nails. This will surely grab attention wherever you go, so make sure you own it!
  • Neon Pink Nail Polish – If you want to go all out, neon pink is the easy choice to bring out the fun in you. It’s the perfect colour for any 80s themed party.

Tips on How to Level Up Your Pink Nail Polish

Sometimes, solid pink colours are not enough. Here are some design ideas that girls can try to make their nails an ultimate showstopper.

Long, pointy nails give a more daring statement. Accent it further by applying some extra detailing like starbursts with pale pink nail polish as your base.

Another trendy design is to paint one finger a different colour or cover it with some pearl glitter. For a more tasteful look, add some sparkly diamonds.

Nail art designs like small hearts, stripes, or polka dots are fun and creative ways to make your nails look even better.

Choosing the right shade of pink nail polish depends on the look, and vibe one wants to channel. There are several ways to wear them, and it’s easy to get creative with a unique design. It’s all about one’s preference and style.