Tops 3 tips you need to know if you want to shoot bigger loads

Male and female orgasms are different, considering some factors. One of those ways is in the amount of cum. For men, a powerful orgasm is accompanied by lots of cum. So, it’s not majorly about the sensation that comes with orgasm or the bigger loads, but also about masculinity and fertility. There are times when you orgasm and your loads are not even as much as you’ve desired, nonetheless, you should note that there’s room for improvement. You can shoot heavier and more impressive loads, but only when you understand the technical know-how. There must have been times when you shoot bigger loads, although you might not remember how that happened again; the truth is it could be replicated.

So, if you are looking for means to increase and shoot bigger loads, you are on the right track. There are numerous porn videos that feature the porn star shooting massive cum all over the place. That could be exciting, especially if you have your partner around or if they are as freaky as you are. Nonetheless, here are three tips you should know if you want to shoot bigger loads.

·        Always stay hydrated:

This is not the first time you will be seeing this or hearing it, always drink water. While most of us don’t take this seriously, it is worth noting that about 60% of the body is water. The same way you don’t miss your cup of coffee every morning should be the same way you don’t miss a glass of water or two now and then. Drink as much as possible every day. Staying hydrated keeps your body at the optimal level, and for stamina, especially when having sex. The larger percentage of your semen is liquid, just 2 to 5% contains sperm cells. So, the more the water, the heavier your loads.

·        Watch what you eat:

What you eat will affect your cum, and that’s not debatable. So, take note of what you eat if you want to shoot more loads. Some supplements would help you boost your sex drive, which in turn helps you shoot more loads. Taking zinc supplements is one of the most effective means of creating more fluids in the body. It helps you balance your testosterone level and your overall sperm quality. So, ensure you have these supplements in your food to help improve your cum.

·        Kegel exercises:

Although they might not really add to the loads since they are just exercises, they can, however, help you shoot more intense loads over time. So, the more you exercise your pelvic floor muscles, the more you get the hang of your cum shots and loads. So, if you want to shoot much more loads than before, focus on Kegels and stay consistent.