Tips on how you can upgrade your kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home and upgrading it is not just an indulgence, but a sound investment in your future. A good kitchen increases your property value and is a pleasure to cook in.

One of the main kitchen upgrades you can do is to install new cabinets. These are the best way to change the look and feel of your kitchen without spending a fortune. New cabinet doors are another DIY job that will make a big difference to the look of your kitchen at a relatively low cost. Here’s how to do it:

Get new doors

You can buy new doors ready-made or make them yourself from scratch. You could even start with plain white doors and paint them yourself with chalkboard paint so you can add notes or recipes to them easily. It’s also a good way to get creative if you’re not much of an artist! You can also buy pre-painted or stained doors if you want something that’s already finished, or are short on time. Pick some paint samples up from the hardware store and match them up with different door styles to find something that works for you.

Take pictures of your existing kitchen so you have something to compare against when choosing your new cabinets. This will help you decide what color does suit your kitchen and also your home and choose accordingly.

Toss the old appliances

If you are looking to do a total remodel of your kitchen, think about replacing your appliances. If any of them are older than ten years, it might be time to upgrade to stainless steel kitchen appliances. Stainless steel has been back in style for a while now, so they will look great in your updated kitchen. Not only will they look good, but they are also more energy efficient than their older counterparts.

Kitchens are also an important part of the design of our homes. They can make or break a house’s curb appeal and they can add value to a house when it’s time to sell.

Here are some tips on how you can upgrade your kitchen:

  1. Hire an architect or Sonna Kitchens (or at least use some architectural software).
  1. Organize your cabinets (more on this below).
  1. Have fun with color!
  1. Install a backsplash (easy DIY projects here).
  1. Add some plants to brighten up your kitchen (you’ll be more likely to cook more often if you feel like you’re in a tropical paradise!)