Things You Should Know About PDFbear

Converting file formats to another file format can be a hassle, especially when you don’t know which tools to use and get. While there are about thousands of conversion software, websites, and apps that you can get online, one cannot guarantee if the software they got is reliable, until they put it to test.

One of the most reputable PDF converter, viewer, editor, and mergers you can get in the market is PDFbear. If you are not familiar with the converter site, then this article is the one for you. This article will discuss the main features of PDFbear and why you should choose it for your PDF and conversion needs.

How to convert JPG to PDF using PDFbear?

In general, PDFbear is a PDF converter that you can use for all your conversion needs. Whether you want to convert the PDF file into a JPG file, Powerpoint, Excel, or other file formats or vice versa, PDFbear has all the best features and tools that you can use anytime and anywhere.

Converting pdfbear jpg to pdf is very easy. All you need is four steps: locate, upload, convert, and download. Select a JPG file from your computer or cloud storage and drag it to PDFbear’s website. Once done, the site will automatically convert your JPG file to PDF.

The conversion is also quick and efficient. Unlike other conversion sites, PDFbear converts files to PDF and vice versa in just minutes, depending on how large the file is. That’s why

PDFbear is the best conversion website to use because it can be used for rush hours.

Once the file has been successfully converted, click on “Download” and the file will be downloaded on the location folder you wish to save it. It can be downloaded straight to your computer or your cloud storage.

PDFbear Features and Tools

One of the best reasons why to trust PDFbear with your PDF and file conversions is because of its fresh set of features and tools. You can easily access the website, and you don’t have to necessarily download the software for you to use its full features and tools.

Next, PDFbear gives high respect when it comes to the confidentiality of their user’s files.

Thus, the site is SSL encrypted and offers the newest technology in converting and securing files. Once the PDF conversion is done, the file will be retained on the site for 60 minutes.

Also, PDFbear is supported by many platforms, including Linux, Mac, and Windows. Other mobile operating systems are also included. You can use PDFbear freely and securely in any PC, laptop, or mobile device with no hassle and worry.

There are times where people need to convert multiple PDF pages and files, and they need to compress it in one file format. With PDFbear, you can upload not only one image but multiple images and merge it in one PDF file. This feature makes it convenient for users to stay organized with their files.

The website also highlights its tools that support all types of conversions. Whether its an image or document file, PDFbear will always have the right conversion option for you. The tool can handle all types of file formats with zero issues, which makes it reliable.


Lastly, PDFbear can be accessed in any part of the globe. If you are in a business meeting outside the country or on vacation, but you need to keep tabs on your files, you can convert your files quickly and anywhere with PDFbear.


Converting JPG to PDF has never bee easy, especially when you have PDFbear to do the job. With its wide variety of tools and features, you will never want to try other conversion sites and software because PDFbear has it all.