The Types Of UV Nail Gel Polishes You Must Explore

If you are into nail art, you most likely have come across UV nail gel polish. These polishes have revolutionized the beauty sphere; exposing an array of advantages that traditional nail polish simply can’t match.

But did you know that there are different types of UV nail gel polish to choose from? Well, there are three main types of UV nail gel, and each type has its unique qualities. If you decide to use these products, make sure to look for a reputable UV gel supplier.

Here’s a brief overview of the different UV gel nail types:

Soft Gel

Soft gel is more flexible than hard gel, making it a perfect choice for gel manicures. You don’t need to file or shape your nails with soft gel because you apply it straight onto your natural nails. 

After curing it under an LED or UV lamp, you can easily take it off by soaking your nails in acetone. This makes soft gel great for people who like to switch up their nail colour often.

Hard Gel

This type of UV nail gel is super durable and used by people to make their nails longer and stronger. To use hard gel, you need to let it sit under an LED or UV lamp for a bit. Then, you shape and file it to get the look you want. 

Once it’s done, the hard gel gives you a sturdy finish that can handle everyday activities without chipping or breaking. You can get this type of gel polish from any nail gel manufacturer.

Soak-Off Gel

Soak-off gel is a type of soft gel that can be removed by soaking your nails in acetone. It’s great for people who want the benefits of UV gel nails without sticking to one look for too long. 

You use soak-off gel just like soft gel, and it comes in tons of colours and finishes. To get the best results, choose a reputable UV gel manufacturer.

Choose a good nail gel supplier and experiment with different types of UV nail gel polish to express your creativity and individuality.