The role of surveys in market segmentation, its main types and characteristics

To be successful in business, it is necessary to have a good product. Even the best and most perfect product may not be needed by all potential consumers in this market. The price will not suit someone or the design for someone; that is why it is highly recommended to use the help of the online survey maker for successful market segmentation.

Meaning of market segmentation and its characteristics

The essence of segmentation is to send relevant offers to existing and potential customers. That is, do not send the same offer en masse to the entire subscriber base but only to the segment to which it is most relevant.

Segmentation using the online survey maker allows you to identify and select one or more groups, the study of which will help determine market share, calculate sales, and develop a sales strategy. You will also understand what attracts the client’s attention, what needs to focus on, and how to help the consumer find a solution to the problem, as segmentation makes it possible to do a deeper analysis of the target audience. Take a look at the main characteristics of it:

  • characteristics of consumers and goods;
  • purchase motives;
  • market geography;
  • sales forms;
  • distribution channels.

The main types of market segmentation

Among the main types of market segmentation are the following:

  • Socio-demographic features (gender, marital status, age, education, employment, income, nationality, and other obvious factors are taken into account).
  • Geography (the audience is classified by place of residence).
  • Psychographic criteria (categories are allocated in accordance with interests, beliefs, lifestyle, character, and values).
  • Behavioral factors (the division into groups is carried out taking into account the peculiarities).

Nowadays, survey makers know that everyone has very different needs. In order to determine exactly what buyers want, survey makers have learned to segment the market and divide people into groups.