The Importance of Including Homemade Breads in Your Meals

The pattern of food consumption and portion of meals have changed with the passage of time for many families. Different people follow different routine for their meals due to different culture, climatic conditions and changing lifestyle. Breads play an important role in meals today. Every 3 out of 5 families have a habit of consuming bread in their meals. Thus, we can say that irrespective of the circumstances and culture the acceptance of bread is felt globally. Retailer and manufacturers are focusing on making good quality bread machines so that families can enjoy fresh homemade breads without any health risks or myths.

Several benefits have reduced the myths and beliefs about consumption of breads. As long as you are making fresh whole grains breads in bread machines you can safely consume these.

Digestive System:

Fresh wholegrain breads are good for digestive system. According to the studies, it improves your bowel movement and you don’t need to rely on medicines for the same. A few slices of bread in your meals about three to four times a week is safe for consumption.

Cardiovascular Issues:

It’s a myth that breads cause health problems and increases bad cholesterol. You must switch to wheat bread over white bread and forget about these worries. Wheat breads or loafs are other forms of flat rotis or chapatis in India. Thus, you can safely consume these without further risks.

Weight Loss:

Another myth in the list is weight gain caused by breads. Bread is lighter compared to pitas and tortillas. These help you digest faster and do not disturb your weight pattern. In fact, women consume more of these and yet remain slim. In case you are worrying about fitting in the same slim fit jeans after consuming bread, take that stress away! Get bread making machines home and make fresh breads from these.

Mood Balance:

Breads make you feel fresh and help you to balance your mood swings. It’s because these are rich source of iron, zinc, magnesium and other important vitamins necessary for mental development. Studies have also commented that those suffering from Alzheimer’s can safely consume breads made at home from wheat and grains.

Balanced Blood Pressure:

Health experts have revealed that breads do not disturb your blood pressure levels. Low blood pressure is one of the major concerns for health issues. However, whole grains breads have known to balance your blood pressure levels and reduce risk of heart issues.

Energy Levels:

That’s true! Breads bring back the lost energy in your body. Importance of bread is felt more by regular gym goers who need fiber, good fats, iron and energy in their body. Whole wheat grain breads keep you full for a long time and do not make you feel hungry. In fact, these are high on energy levels; a few slices of breads early morning work a lot better when you hit the gym.

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