The Effect of Abuse on Divorce

There are different ways you can get over your divorce. One by mutual settlement and the other by going to a trail. If you are in an abusive relationship, then it might be that you will have to choose the latter. Abuses don’t mean only physical torture, but it means mental torture and emotional torture too. If you feel you are being tortured in any way or the other, then feel free to contact Karp & Iancu, S.C. divorce attorneys. 

Restraining orders

The abused person in the family will receive protection from the court. The court will issue a restraining order against the abuser. The restraining order prohibits the abuser from coming near the victim. The victim of the abuse can request a restraining order from the court. At first, the abuser receives a restraining order for two weeks; within the two weeks, the preceding is helped, and then the final restraining order is issued where its tenure could be up to four years.

Child custody and placement

The court allows the parents to have joint custody of the child. But, if one partner is subjected to abuse in a marriage, the abuser is restricted from getting sole or joint custody of the child. The history of violence determines the placement of the child. Further, the parent might also be advised to go under treatment and stop using drugs and alcohol if they are parenting.

Contact a divorce attorney as soon as possible

If you are a victim of domestic abuse, then contacting a skilled full divorce attorney will help you file a divorce petition, and also you will be protected by the law. The lawyers will help you to fill up the application, collect all the pieces of evidence, get all the necessary documents and present you legally in the court. They will help you get a restraining order from the court to keep your abuser away. They will stay with you during the whole process. 

When choosing a lawyer, you must be sure that you communicate clearly with them. Apart from that, experience and professionalism ought to be on a higher level, which the best lawyers in the town will assure you. So, don’t stress much; get in touch with a divorce lawyer and let them help you make your life easy.