The Different Types Of Heart Emojis And Their Meaning

Love is all around us. What better way to describe feelings of love than with the heart emoji? There have been new heart emojis that have different colors so that you can be more particular. If you want to show love to your man or woman, who is kind of quirky, you can now use the purple heart emoji!

The beauty of emojis now is that these emoticons are more specific. You would not have to worry about the person receiving your emoji-filled messages not to understand what you mean. All you have to do is stir up a bunch of emojis in a text message. If you love variety, you can use the different heart emoji colors without minding their meaning.

The feelings of love are diverse. Love can mean anything from passionate love with your partner or your respect for your family. You should not forget about the love for your friends and buddies. You can use different heart emoji colors to be more precise with the person or people you are texting.

Purple Heart Emoji

Now, you might wonder about the thing about purple heart emojis relating to your kinky friend. Well, the purple heart emoji is a well-known emoji for horny feelings. You can thank hip hop artist Ty Dolla Sign for this trend. Ty Dolla Sign turned this emoji into a modern-day canon because of “Purple Emoji.”

However, horniness is not the only meaning of the purple heart emoji. The purple heart emoji also holds a dear meaning towards our veterans. If you know someone who was a soldier or found himself deployed, then use this heart emoji. There is nothing like using the purple heart emoji to thank them for their service.

These are two different meanings to the purple heart emoji. We suggest that you use the context of this emoji well. You would not want to send the purple heart emoji to your family group chat when no one served for the country.

Red Heart Emoji

The red heart emoji is the most classic form of heart emoji. There is nothing more sincere than the romantic heart. You can make someone’s day better by sending a red heart emoji along with your text.

The red heart emoji is perfect for those couples who are just starting to kick things off. Consider this emoji as an additional spark to the fire. However, if both of you have been dating for quite a while now, you might want to step things up another level. Maybe get more creative with your emojis?

This heart emoji color is not all about romantic and bubbly couple stuff. You can use the red heart emoji to show support for anyone who needs a little cheering up. You can be that supportive and uplifting person for a friend in need with a simple message paired with this emoji.

Black Heart Emoji

We do not know why the black heart emoji is one of the most-used emojis in both social media and texting. Maybe it is because of the color black, and the color might be appealing to them. However, there is a unique meaning to the black emoji.

The black emoji can be a symbol of a shy but deep and embarrassing form of love. You can expect all of this combination of emotions to come off as romantic. You can either use this heart emoji for your special someone who you are trying to court.

Make sure that he or she is the one before you send this heart emoji. The black heart emoji is an excellent emoji to use towards your soul mate. If you believe in such a thing, then go out there and find your one true love. Send him or her tons of black heart emojis while you are at it!


Love can take on so many different meanings. No matter what that meaning is, it is all about your unique adoration for another person. You should see to it that the other end of your messages knows that you love them by using these heart emoji colors. It is important that you cherish them even in your digital conversations.