The Best Pest Control Tips for Summer and Spring

With summer and springtime just around the corner, several homeowners tend to face the problem of having harmful pests, insects and creatures infest in their homes. Rodents, lizards, and cockroaches are probably the most common ones. And even though the task seems daunting to get rid of them, we assure you with simple prevention tips and tricks, you will be able to ignore this problem and reduce pest infestations. Keep reading the post below to find out more.

Remember to tighten those seals

Pests can easily find their way into your home even if there is a tiny crack. They also enter through the gaps in window frames, plumbing pipes, and seated attics. You can ensure the pests don’t get any access into their house, fit within the screen properly and also repair all torn screens without replacing the weather stripping. If there are bigger cracks or holes, you can caulk and seal them to prevent spiders, roaches, and mice.

The mulch and plants should be kept far away from the house

To keep your house safe, you can either try Pest control in Boise services or make sure the plants and mulch are kept far away from the house. This may sound a little simple to you but the smallest of adjustments also gets rid of all rodents, centipedes, earwigs and other insects that easily get attracted to flowers, leaves and the moisture that it holds.

Make sure there’s no standing water in your house

Insects like flies, cockroaches, and mosquitoes often get attracted to stagnant waters or vessels that contain them. To prevent this from occurring, and therefore the invitation of such insects, make sure to leak and repair the roofs. Check for the areas that have plumbing and get rid of the leaves and all other debris so that it does not accumulate.

Clean your attic

Next, make sure your attic is clean. The attic is one of the common places for pests to build their homes. Their exposed items and wooden beams can be stored within the cardboard boxes and can be a great source of food as well. Some of the best prevention tips for this one include storing items inside plastic boxes or regular inspecting the attic beams by simply pressing the thumb on the timber and testing to make sure it is soft and spongy.

Clean the bedroom

There will be clutter in the yard, in the garage and even inside your house. Pests generally like to find shelter and nest when it comes to cleaning the bedroom. We always think it’s easier to keep all boxes in the garage and old bins on the side of the house but we don’t know that these are the things that cause rodents and lizards to infest our homes. Much bigger forms of cars and trailers can shelter you and become a breeding area for rats and cats.