The Benefits of LED High Bay Lighting

As the name implies, high bay lighting is something you would find in a larger structure, such as a gym or warehouses to let in Yorkshire. If you’ve been in one of these structures recently, chances are you were exposed to HID lighting as opposed to LED lighting. See why this may just be a long-term choice that backfires for owners who aim to make the right decisions for their property. 

 LED Lights Are Effective  

Those with high bay ceilings have a bit of a conundrum on their hands. Obviously, the lighting in the areas below needs to be excellent for workers or students who use the facility on a regular basis. It can make owners feel as if they have to choose the harshest lighting available in order to make everyone happy. HID lamps offer the high-intensity lighting that creates excellent visibility so everyone can see where they’re going and what they’re doing. But that’s not the whole story. 

LED lighting can easily reach close to 500 watts, and the lighting doesn’t have to sacrifice the safety of the people below. In fact, it may even make it easier for people to see. LED high bay lighting doesn’t just distribute light to one spot like HID lights will. They coat each surface evenly with light so the glare is easier on those inside. There are even different types of color temperatures that you can use increase or decrease the level of brightness within the area. 

LED Lights Are Cheaper

LED lights are typically about half the wattage of HID lighting. Less wattage brings cheaper energy bills, and the savings may be astonishing to you if you add it up over time. Those who use LED high bay lighting have seen a savings of up to several hundred dollars a year — per fixture! In addition to energy cost savings, LED has fewer maintenance costs attached as well. HID lamps essentially stop working once their primary fuel source has run out. But an LED light is designed to degrade slowly over time to give it a longer life.

The number of times you’ll need to change out the LED lamps will be significantly less as opposed to HID. In addition, you’ll have plenty of warning that an LED lighting fixture is starting to lose its luster. This gives you more time to replace it to ensure your facility stays well lit and safe. An HID light may burn out quickly and leave you in a tight spot. 

There are a number of reasons to give LED lights a chance rather than sticking with more traditional lighting solutions of yesterday. We think you’ll agree once you see the subtle and more efficient lighting of LED!