Suggested meals and foods to cook when backpacking

There is something magical about hiking, it feels as if you’re in a different world entirely. When I hike, everything becomes quiet & I am one with nature. This is why I fell in love with it. But to maximize your outdoor experience, preparation is key and one of the things that will change your hiking adventures is a good meal that will nourish and strengthen you.

When I first started hiking, I had little knowledge about backpacking foods and meals. Turning pro in the game, I came to understand that backpacking foods should be portable, lightweight, and easy to prep. To provide the necessary support for your body to be able to carry without being a burden.

You will feel like a powerhouse traversing through nature with bulky goods!

Packing the right meals with the right amount will make all the difference in a good hike. You wouldn’t get anything better than the premium lightweight titanium pot, teapot, long-handled titanium spork, and a mini-size stove at nearzero.

  • Backpacking Food Ideas
  • BreakFast

When hiking for several days or weeks, pack weight is super important. Like the saying goes; dehydration is a hiker’s best friend. A hiker will find pleasure in preparing simple meals by just adding boiling water. I love, love, love to use this mini-size camping stove on all of my backpacking trips. A great collection of backpacking breakfast can range from easily prepared meals like pancakes, eggs, meats, and some coffee. Coming across an extra boost with a hot meal, you’ll start your day much quicker with light snacks (Trail mix is a go-to for many).

On casual, low-mileage trips with friends, enjoy warm breakfasts of instant oatmeal with some dried fruits and trail mix.

  • Lunch

A commonly prepared tortilla or bagel sandwich with hard meats and cheese will save the time, effort, and fuel. Trailing under hot weather, foods like jerky, lightweight meat, easy-to-make noodles, and creamy peanut butter will go a long way.

Most hikers will kill to have gourmet pizza on their lunch menu. Consist of wheat or spinach tortilla, pizza source, baby bell cheese (most recommend), sliced salami, and some julienne sliced sun-dried tomatoes.

Another brilliant choice for a much longer trip where lunch should be ready on the go is meal bars. They are super convenient and so natural: espercially the Probar meal bars.

  • Dinner

Recently, hiking dinner have had many more options for freeze dried meals coming out on the market. Freeze dried meal pouches are a convenient, lightweight, and tasty option for backpacking dinners. With a wide array of brands providing all kinds of diets, dehydrated meals are still unbeatable. Macaroni & cheese with bacon bits or tuna; dehydrated risotto; pasta with pesto &  parmesan cheese; ramen noodles with dehydrated vegetables; instant soups; instant mashed potatoes and beef jerky; instant stuffing with cooked chicken (pouch or fresh). To assemble other easy meals, pick a starch such as instant rice or couscous; then pick a protein, whether it’s tuna, salmon, chicken, or TVP protein; then add fresh or dehydrated vegetables and spices.




Final Note

Enjoy your trip with high-grade quality utensils like; titanium pot, teapot, long-handled titanium spork, and a mini-size stove at nearzero. Snacks are a crucial part of camping! It’s essential to maintain your energy levels on the trail by snacking frequently throughout the day.

Experimenting and discovering out what works best for me is one of my favorite aspects of camping trips. Food is such an important part of any trip I go on, whether it’s backcountry or not, and there’s something special about getting together at the end of a long day and savoring the basic pleasures in life like a hot cup of tea or a bowl of saucy noodles while watching the sunset.