Soccer for Beginners: Origin, Evolution of Rules, and the Future of the Sport

Soccer is the most popular ball game worldwide. And this is one of the oldest games ever played. Soccer has a very interesting history and origin. And how the game has progressed through centuries has proven why it’s a  very successful sport even up to this day.

Soccer and Its Meaningful History

Football or “soccer” has gone through various forms for thousands of years. But who invented soccer? History books state that the origin of the sport is believed to be from the ancient civilizations of China, India, and Greece around 2000 to 3000 years back.

The Chinese first played the sport during the Han Dynasty. The game has then been introduced to other countries. The ancient Egyptians and the Greeks used soccer as part of their military training.  It has also reached Japan, Korea, and Vietnam. Back then there was no unified set of rules. Still, it proves that it was already a very popular game back in the day.

The Start of Modern Soccer

Modern soccer on the other hand was first codified in London, England in 1863. This was when the Football Association was formed. Since then, the game of soccer has taken off. The first set of rules was established by the association. That is why it is believed that the English are believed to be the ones who invented modern soccer or what Europeans call “football.”

Soccer: Evolution of Rules

The official set of rules was established by the Football Association in 1863. The size of the field and duration of the game were standardized. The FA has also determined the number of players for each team. The rules for fouls were also set.

Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), the international governing body for soccer, was founded in 1904. It now has more than 200 national associations worldwide. FIFA is the one responsible for organizing major international tournaments.

The Future of Soccer

Soccer is one of the oldest sports. The debate continues about who invented the sport. Still, it is impressive that soccer is still being played and loved today. Through the years, the basic rules have evolved. And it is expected to continue to evolve since new technologies are being introduced.

Nonetheless, these changes are for the better. So will the sport continue to evolve in the future? Definitely. This only makes soccer even more exciting for both the players and fans.