Sci-fi films made decades back predicted the technology that is available today. Waving a hand to turn on the lights or play music, an AI assistant, and more are examples. People can do so many things in their homes with just a gesture or a touch of a button. AI technology has become vastly versatile that an individual can almost interact with their home. Home automation services are available all over Australia. Around 2.3 million households around Adelaide, Queensland, Sydney, etc., are smart homes. One of the foremost companies providing smart home or home automation services in different parts of Australia is Electronic Living. Their control4 installation in Queensland is a prime example of their capabilities. There are varying degrees of a smart home, from smart locks to a fully automated building. As many homes are converting to smart home technology, people should consider installing a few essential services in their homes.


Security systems in the most guarded of vaults and museums are fully automated. These systems are foolproof and provide maximum protection against external forces. A smart security system not only protects but also makes security monitoring effortless. An intelligent security alarm system, for instance, can ensure complete protection for one’s home and surrounding premises. The alarm trips as soon as someone trespasses or tries to get by the security system. The alert is sent to the home owner’s phone, and the premises immediately locked down. An additional option also allows for the police to reach the scene quickly.

Another feature is the intercom and doorbell monitor, which allows maximum privacy for the resident. They can view the outsider from a monitor or even their phone before letting them in. They can even secure lockers or garages with biometrics and control all these features on their phone.


An air conditioner or cooler keeps the inside of a home cool. But if one wants to increase the temperature, they will have to spring for a heater. Smart environment control ensures that ambient and pleasant temperatures are maintained inside, regardless of the weather outside. A thermostat could do the job too, but it requires manual interference every time. Smart climate control maintains the temperature by itself, requiring no effort from the individual. The smart home can even draw curtains and blinds installed on windows for increased privacy. When using a control system for a home’s smart features like control4, people can access all these features in a single place. Control4 installation in Queensland, Wales and other major cities of Australia boasts of its range of features with ease of operation.


Mood lighting, surround sound, home theatres; these devices elevate the entertainment experience. Watching a show or a movie on a phone/laptop is nothing compared to watching it on a home theatre system with surround sound speakers and an in-built woofer system. While these devices make one’s leisure time pleasurable, they come with many controls and remotes. A smart entertainment system built into a smart home allows activation and adjustments on these devices with voice control. An individual only has to command, and their wishes come true.

Australia’s smart home industry is currently valued at 1.645 billion AUD, a testament to its success. A smart home is a smart choice. Automating a home makes everyday chores a simple job. For example, a house with control4 installation in Queensland allows the resident to listen to the news as they get ready for work. People can also get traffic and commute related updates when they are about to step out. A Smart Home Automation System makes life limitless.