Secrets of Recreating Restaurant-Style Pancakes at Home

Cooking pancakes at home needs no special skill or equipment. But when you get to try pancakes from restaurants, you will realize that the quality is different. It’s fluffy and probably tastes different. So how can you recreate the restaurant-style pancakes at home? There are some secrets shared below. 

Accurately Measure Ingredients

It can be tempting to just eyeball the ingredients when cooking pancakes at home. Doing so will however not allow you to achieve the best-tasting pancakes like how restaurants make it. That is why it is best to follow the recipe. There are different pancake recipes you can find at Make sure that you correctly measure the ingredients before you start cooking. 

Do Not Over-Mix The Pancake Batter

One of the major mistakes in cooking pancakes is over-mixing the batter. Doing so will make the pancake less fluffy. Once the pancake batter is incorporated, stop mixing. Do not worry about the lumps as this will not affect the taste or the texture of the pancakes. It’s perfectly fine to have lumps in the batter since they will just thin out once it’s spread on the pan or pancake maker. 

Invest in a Pancake Maker

The pancake maker is designed to cook evenly. This ensures consistent and delicious pancakes every time you cook. The electric griddle of the pancake maker has enough surface area which makes it easier to cook and flip the pancakes. 


Using a pancake maker is the most convenient if cooking for a family or a large group of people. Most of these cooking devices come with surfaces that are designed to be non-stick. Some also come with indicators when it’s hot enough to start cooking the batter. 

Turn Up the Heat

No matter what cooking device you are using, make sure the surface is hot enough for the batter. The pancake will rise properly if the heat of the pan is right. What you are looking to achieve for a restaurant-style pancake is a combination of a crispy, golden brown exterior with a soft, fluffy interior.


Anyone can cook pancakes at home. But how sure are you that it will taste as good as what the restaurant serves? To be able to achieve it how restaurants do it requires some tricks and mastering some cooking techniques. Follow the tips above as this can help you recreate the best pancakes right in your kitchen.