Royal Enfield Classic 500 – Why you should buy this?

Well, Royal Enfield is such a name which does not at least need any introduction. With time it in fact developed faith in its customer and always brought something new by taking care of their choices and needs and budget. This one Royal Enfield classic 500 is also one of their models which have come with a motto of strengthening the relation with its customer even more. This model is definitely a heart stealing one the smoke colour of the bike will take your heart away.

Some of reasons are enough to convince you why you should or anyone should invest their money on this model. Here are some of them –

Ride quality – well this is not the first thing which people notices when they make purchases. But this is definitely one of feature which is said to be heart of the bike.  And here, this one wins as it is easier ride than other ones. Although, the bike is heavy but the ride is much easier than anyone think.

Road support – while riding bike at the full speed without safety will be a stupid decision. Well, here along with royal Enfield, the safety is on it, it completely take care of the safety of the biker. It has single cylinder engine to boot and it reliefs the riding. Other things which this bike has hand- painted fuel tank, chrome fittings and even its curvaceous conduct.

The gun quality – now this might confuse you, what it is the gun quality? Is this made up of bullet proof or something like that? Well, no, no and no! This feature is actually talking about it is made up of metal construction with very less number of plastic parts (oh wow! Is it not?).  So it will always be rough and tough but this bike surely ask you to give it a proper care which it deserves.

Its price and resale value – when buying a bike the price is where people get stuck and what will they do if they will not get a decent resale value? To answer all of your confusion we are here for you. This bike has close – to – market price even when it is being sold as a used one is the Royal Enfield. Any standard bike gives a start with 1,30,000 and the resale will be around one lakh. This is definitely a good deal without losing anything, in fact when you buy this bike you later thank yourself.

Final words

There are so many things which will compel you to definitely think about the bike. This bike is so promising that it hardly bears any reason not to buy. Royal Enfield classic 500 is in fact favourite of many and when it comes to referring any model of royal Enfield it is always classic 500 the first one. So go catch a falling star and enjoy your ride what is only yours, the moments and a good ride!