Renting a House in Pune: The Ultimate Guide

All the people who are planning to relocate to Pune, a wonderful city known for its calming weather with an amazing crowd, you need to do your research first. Pune receives plenty of rainfall and is a great place to get relaxed from work. Pune is one of the fastest-growing cities and has experienced tremendous growth since independence.

The education, as well as the working sector in Pune, is very strong which keeps the population of the city pretty strong. In case you have to shift to this beautiful city, there are a few things that you need to know and plan to get the best out of your shift. Find a Premium room for rent in Pune for your needs.

Average Cost of Living in Pune

Pune is the eighth largest metropolitan city in India and sixth in terms of per capita income, still, the city is cheaper than Mumbai and many other major cities. It is always better to plan how you spend your money when living in a city to manage everything.

Places to Stay

Pune is a great city to live in and manages to do so effortlessly accommodating all the people in the elegance of this cosmopolitan city. Here are some quick pointers to help you decide where to stay in Pune:


Everything depends on where you study or work. It has good connectivity in terms of highways and expressways and you will have to see first where your work is. Your best bet is to find a place within 5 km of your workplace to save a lot of time. You can get a Pocket-friendly room for rent in Mumbai too with some research.


After figuring out a vicinity you will have to see the locality of your living. This has a lot to do with how you want your living standard to be. Pune was ranked number 1 city in terms of livability in the Ease of Living Index. The locality will also decide the security and safety when living in a particular area.


It’s good to see all the convenience stores and other significant places around your area. Apart from being cheaper, safer another thing you have to look at is accessibility.