Reliable Dust Chambers from Envisys Technologies

Dust Chambers are used for simulating a dusty environment in a controlled manner within a limited workspace following testing standards, especially for research and development related works. The dust and sand chambers produce a dusty environment that is used to study the resistance of testing components against dust particles. It also helps in validating the seal integrity for the products. The impact of the dust particles of up to 150 microns in size can be studied well-using sand and dust chambers. The components tested include electronic boards and circuits, automotive parts, etc. Dust testing is a part of testing during device development in order to study the atmospheric effects of dust and sand on the components.

How Dust Chambers Work?

Dust Chambers contain dust and sand particles which are circulated inside the chamber with the help of pulses of compressed air. The air is generated from a manifold located at the bottom of the chamber which pushes the dust particles in all directions engulfing the entire component.

The dust chambers are controlled and the concentration of dust particles can be varied with the help of air pressure. The pulses of air are programmed based on customer requirements.

Benefits of Dust Chambers

  • The chambers ensure that the dust does not escape from the testing area preventing any damages to the lab area from dust.
  • The cracks, crevices, bearings and other connections in the component which are responsible for corrosion while using the product are easily identified using a dust chamber.
  • The chambers test the product based on testing standards and help the firm to manufacture products which are of great quality and can withstand tough atmospheric conditions.
  • Reliable test results are guaranteed due to special high-capacity compressed air nozzles which help in achieving the desired dust density during testing.

Dust Chambers from Envisys Technologies are among the best products available in the market. The company uses highly skilled workers who are experienced in making good quality dust and sand chambers for various industrial needs. The design of the chamber is done in order to occupy less workspace and accommodate larger components for the testing purpose making them more useful than products from other companies. The chamber designs can be customized based on user needs and demands specific for their use of the product.

Salient features of the Dust Chamber from Envisys Technologies

  • Touch panel with user-friendly UI helps in easy usage of the machine.
  • The product is designed according to the standards set by the regulatory authorities.
  • Dust concentration can be controlled and regulated meeting customer requirements.
  • Lower power usage.
  • Glass door with a wiper is also provided for having a clear vision inside the chamber.
  • Proper sealing is ensured by using circumferential rubber seals.
  • Can withstand extreme working conditions.


Dust Chambers are an integral part of the testing process and facilitate in providing good quality products which have higher resistance to corrosion ensuring longer lifespans of the product. It makes the testing analysis easier for the workers. Thus they become really useful for the customers.