Reasons You Need to Hire a Domestic Violence Attorney in a Divorce

Nobody should go through an experience as painful as domestic violence. Violence alone is a terrible thing, but when people close to you hurt you, it can be unbearable. If you are in an abusive relationship, you should never stay silent for the sake of your relationship or the abuser’s reputation or safety. 

A domestic violence lawyer in Vancouver can help you seek the justice you deserve. Experienced attorneys have handled cases similar to yours and know what to do in order to protect your rights. You no longer need to fear for your life. 

Reasons you need to hire a domestic violence attorney

  • An attorney can help you understand how your divorce case will be affected due to domestic violence. 

A Vancouver domestic violence divorce is different from a regular divorce, and it is important to have an attorney by your side to understand the differences. Knowing how your situation will affect your legal case and strategies is crucial to strengthen your case. 

For example, if you have a protective or restraining order against your spouse, it may affect your mediation. Meditations require you to sit with the other party, which may not be possible if you have a restraining order due to domestic violence. 

  • An attorney can help you seek a protective order against your violent spouse. 

Domestic violence can disrupt your life. It may start with minor squeezing of hands in anger and end in broken bones and bleeding skin. It does not take long for abusers to cross their limits and impose harm on you. While a significant number of victims of domestic violence are women, men have been victims as well. Domestic violence may include physical violence, sexual violence, isolating the victim, threats, criticism, etc. 

As a married person, you may want to forgive your partner and allow them to correct their behavior. While people change with time, you should never endure injustice, especially if the other person is not progressing in their activities. Understandably, you may be afraid about filing a complaint. However, you may be surprised at the peace of mind an attorney can offer.

  • An attorney can help you speed up the process and finalize the divorce. 

Divorces are undoubtedly lengthy procedures. You need to learn about the laws statutes of limitations, file tons of paperwork, and meet deadlines. You need to be separated from your spouse for a certain time until you can even file for the divorce. Even after you file, you need to go through various formal and informal processes before you can finally be single again. 

Managing all the legal work while battling with your emotions about the divorce at the same time can be difficult. An attorney can make sure everything goes smoothly and speed up the process.