Planning for Shoe Shopping? Understand the Differences Between Real And Fake Shoes

As we know, trends come and go, and people follow them religiously. If a celebrity walks with a pair of Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG UNC, that becomes the town’s talk. These shoes are becoming the new peer pressure points most of the time. Nowadays, it is not just about “what brand of clothes are you wearing” but also about “what brand of shoe is that?”

To fit into society, people have started wearing dupes of the original brand of shoes. However, it is not hard to tell whether a shoe is real or fake. So let us help you out.

1. Difference between leather 

If you’re buying shoes from an online store, only use the official websites. If you choose to buy them from another shoe company, then make sure you verify their credentials and their function.

2. Packaging

The packaging of authentic shoes is always crisp and accurate. You will never find mistakes on the packaging of a genuine shoe brand. There will be no mistake of a wrong logo print or any misinformation in the box. You can easily detect a fake pair of Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG UNC by a change of hues in its color. So pay attention to that.

3. The smell of the shoes

No matter how silly or childish it may sound, it is a crucial step to identify the authenticity of a shoe. Shoes that are genuine and are manufactured from a good quality brand will never have a harsh smell. If you ever buy a pair of shoes and find that they smell pungent, you should know it is not authentic.

4. Tampering of logos 

Many small companies are very keen on trying to copy the brands’ logos to sell off their products and earn high profits. However, they cannot fully replicate the logo since it is against the law, and they can be heavily penalized. Therefore, they made a few tweaks and portrayed the logo as close to the original. It is not hard to tell, but you must pay extra attention because it can be quite deceiving.

Concluding Thoughts

As much as we do not support buying expensive shoes to be a part of the rich culture, we do not keep making fakes and sporting them. Since a brand takes a lot of hard work and creativity to create the perfect pair of shoes, copying their work or supporting a company is wrong. As consumers, we must set our priorities straight and help support the right cause. Whether you wear a pair of Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG UNC or a simple pair of crocs, let it be authentic and accountable.