Motorcycle Accident Injury In California

A motorcycle or bike is a deadly transport option. Some people find it exciting and try to perform all sorts of stunts on the road. Thus, leading to accidents. Moreover, insurance companies always find the driver at fault. Whereas, that is not always the case. It is very much evident that these companies will try to save costs by putting the fault on the driver.

Therefore, you need to get a lawyer in such cases, who is adept at handling motorcycle accident cases. Brad Nakase is one such lawyer who has represented many insurance companies. Therefore, he is well aware of the tricks undertaken by these companies to didge unsuspecting customers. Moreover, he rides a Honda CBR. A good San Diego motorcycle accident lawyer is hard to find these days. Furthermore, he and his team is already fighting such cases in court today. He has a monopoly of sorts in the market. Defense lawyers are wary of him. Therefore, he is your go-to motorcycle accident lawyer in San Diego.

Why Should You Appoint Nakase And Team?

The team is an award-winning one. If you have got hurt in a car crash, you must file a personal injury case. He can help you in both ways. Motorcyclists have many rights on the highways in the city. They ought to know them, and use them to their advantage. Call a reputed motorcycle accident lawyer today.

After an accident, the first thing that one ought to do is contact the medic for medical attention. Police may also interrogate you on the spot. Do not give answers without knowing the repercussions. You may be at fault or maybe the other person. However, you need to take care of yourself and your rights. The Nakase team is adept at taking care of the intricacies. You must be well aware of the situation. You should get in touch with the best San Diego motorcycle accident lawyer.

Details To Obtain From The Crash Site

  • The team shall take photographs of the accident site.
  • Insurance information is generally collected from both parties concerned.
  • They will also collect the address and phone numbers.

The most common causes of motorcycle accidents are over-speeding, rider’s inexperience, and driving under narcotic influence. If you thought, these are the ones. Think again. There can be reasons beyond this. The government may be at fault. A tanker may have just passed and left an oil streak on the road. Moreover, the weather could be bad. Moreover, poorly maintained roads are not to be ruled out. Under worst circumstances, a drunken driver may have hit the motorcycle from the back. A motorcycle accident lawyer can deliver the best results.

How To Lawyers Prove The Case In Court

Lawyers who have experience in fighting such cases can prove their client innocent. In the worst circumstances, the penalty can be minor. Moreover, seasoned attorneys can identify and weigh out the various circumstances in the court of law. California law listens to all sides of the story. The court knows, that an accident occurs due to multiple failures. Everyone moving about on the roads need to be careful. Moreover, now the government has installed CCTVs on the roads. So, that they can later take evidence from those. Good attorneys can present the case in front of the judge in a skillful manner.

Therefore, hiring a good motorcycle accident lawyer is essential. Nakase Law Firm can handle such cases with elan.

Drunken Driving cases or Narcotics Usage

This is the top reason for most accidents today. Moreover, the fault lies with the driver. Most drivers of public vehicles are under the influence of drinks and drugs. These substances impair the visual function as well as co-ordination. Therefore, the cars and buses hit the motorcycles from the back. Motorcycles are less visible, especially at night. Moreover, this is one of the top reasons for neglecting them. Compensation includes disability maintenance costs, medical costs and mental harassment penalties. Nakase and Firm will help victims get all the compensation.

However, you have to prove it. So, it is crucial that you get the culprit to undergo a narcotic or breath analyzer test as soon as possible. A San Diego motorcycle accident lawyer is knowledgeable enough to find out.

Motorcycle Lane Splitting

This is another top reason for most motorcycle accidents. Many times, bikes drive on lane dividers in heavy traffic. They land up on the wrong side. And, then the mishap occurs. Therefore, this is the fault of the motor cyclist. There could be another car coming from the opposite side and result in a head-on collision. In such situations, you need a San Diego motorcycle accident lawyer to claim damages from insurance companies. They are not going to pay you up, if they find you at fault. So, beware of them.