Maximizing your high-Which weed accessories should you include in your arsenal?


Building the right cannabis accessory arsenal allows you to maximize and customize your highs. The proper tools and gear enhance each step for optimized enjoyment from grind to inhale. As you partake, you want airflow maximized, temperatures controlled, and freshness locked in. 

Diamond grinders

A grinder is the most crucial smoking accessories for unlocking your flower’s full effects and flavors. A quality grinder maximizes surface area through its diamond-sharp teeth to allow for full decarboxylation when heated. The process extracts more flavorful terpenes and psychoactive cannabinoids compared to using whole buds. Look for stainless steel designs with multiple filtering chambers to produce mild, fluffy grinds perfect for rolling, packing, and vaping. Start your journey with a smooth grind consistency that pulls the most from your herbs.

Humidity control 

Proper storage is vital for keeping flowers freshest over time while curing to their full smoothness. Precision humidity-controlled containers like the Raw Hydrostone regulate ideal climate conditions to preserve trichomes and delicate terpene aroma molecules that dissipate quickly once exposed to air. Maintaining flowers in optimal conditions ensures rich flavors and full potency whenever you break into your stash. Don’t let poor storage mute your highs.  

Water pipe percolators

While regular pipes work, water pipes, and bubblers provide extra airflow diffusion, humidification, and cooling to create ultra-smooth hits for maximized flavor. The water filters out harsh irritants so you inhale fully to activate all those precious cannabinoids. Multiple built-in percolators provide additional filtration for refined smoothness. Iced bubblers lower temperatures for even cooler inhalations. The smoother the hit, the more nuanced the taste, and the higher you get.

Vaporizer arsenal 

Every cannabis lover needs an arsenal of vaporizers – both portable and desktop. Portable convection vaporizers like PAX or Firefly provide robust power and discretion for vaping on the go while delivering the cleanest flavor possible. At home, desktop vaporizers like the Volcano or VapeXhale provide unmatched vapor production and customization for true connoisseur highs. With an array suited to every occasion, you’ll be able to vape to the fullest.

Electric joint rollers

Electric rollers provide a major ease and consistency upgrade to maximize enjoyment. Just pour ground flower in, and the roller perfectly tucks, compresses, and seals expert joints in seconds flat. No more looseness or uneven burns! Flawless shaping means improved airflow and smooth burning for the ultimate elevated smoking experience. Take perfection into your own hands!

Polished tools  

High-quality tools prevent contamination and maximize session smoothness. Carbon packing sticks cleanly funnel ground flowers into joints and pipes with zero residues. Non-stick silicone mats provide neutral surfaces for handling concentrates before dabbing. Precision dab tools protect the integrity of waxes and shatters. Keep tools polished and your highs will remain untarnished by impurities.  Using a filter tip on your rolled joints improves airflow and prevents Scooby snacks for a smoother smoking experience from start to finish. Compressing kief into dense hash pucks amplifies potency. Further, extraction into oils or concentrates takes effects to the next level.

 Boveda and Integra Boost packs regulate humidity in storage jars to keep flowers and concentrate freshest for maximum potency. Dedicated trays with compartments keep your rolling supplies consolidated and your work area clean. The best are polished wood or odor-proof silicone.