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We’ve all heard of 7-day rehab programs, weekend rehab programs, and short-term rehab programs and probably wondered if they are effective. The duration and level of treatment for a drug use disorder varies from person to person. All of these rehab programs be it a short-term rehab program or a long-term rehab program carry along some common aspects of addiction recovery that most individuals can benefit from. These common features of the treatment and recovery process include eliminating or reducing drug use, developing coping skills to better manage all areas of overall functioning, and preventing relapse. But what exactly are short-term rehab programs, what can I expect from them and are they effective? Read through for more information!

What is a Short-Term Rehab Program?

A short-term rehab program, as the name suggests, is a short rehab program that lasts for about 7 to 30 days. When we talk about 7 days we mean an inpatient stay during the drug detox in order to enhance the safety and comfortability of the patient. When we talk about 30 days, we are talking about a detox program accompanied by a short inpatient treatment at the facility. During this period, participants go through detoxification, individual and group treatment, and develop coping strategies to help them control cravings and avoid relapse. Short-term rehabilitation programs seek to stabilize patients in early recovery and prepare them for further treatment or aftercare.

What Should I Expect in a Short-Term Rehab Program?

Traditionally, most short-term rehab programs use a modified 12-step approach for around 4 to 5 weeks of programming. Following a short-term rehab stay, patients must continue to engage in outpatient or aftercare programs. Short-term rehabilitation programs are intended to provide the first phases of care for individuals who will eventually seek therapy afterward.

A short-term program may begin with medical detox, which might require patients to be stabilized while going through withdrawal. Detox is often required when someone has acquired a physical reliance on a drug and needs medical monitoring and pharmacological assistance to ensure they quit safely and pleasantly as feasible. However, detox alone is not enough and it can’t enhance long-term sobriety. Rehabilitation is the phase of addiction recovery where patients learn about the root causes of their problem, identify and alter harmful behavior and thought patterns, learn ways to spot and avoid triggers, develop healthy habits, develop healthy coping techniques, and be inspired to stay sober. This is mostly accomplished via therapy and psychoeducation.

You can also expect the addiction treatment experts to incorporate medications in your short-term rehab treatment regime. This is known as medication-assisted treatment (MAT).

Benefits of Short-Term Rehab Programs

  • They are less expensive.
  • They offer a transitional step to ongoing aftercare services or outpatient treatment post-rehab.
  • They offer a short intensive and concentrated treatment period for people who have obligations and can’t stay long in rehab.
  • They offer a structured environment supportive of the recovery process.

Is Short-Term Rehab Effective?

According to research, long-term addiction therapy (3 months or more) is much more successful than short-term programs in assisting individuals in achieving long-term recovery. However, addiction recovery and treatment do not have to end when a person completes a short-term rehabilitation program. A short-term rehab program can be very effective when coupled with aftercare or outpatient treatment. Aftercare can include things like joining support groups like AA, NA, or Alumni groups, attending regular evaluations at the rehab, attending regular follow-up meetings with a mentor or sponsor, etc.

Take the First Step Towards Recovery with Short-Term Rehab at The Best Addiction Treatment Center in Fort Worth, TX.

At Skyward Treatment Center in Fort Worth, TX, we recognize the significance of taking the first step toward recovery. Our short-term rehabilitation programs offer intensive assistance and therapy to help you conquer your addiction. Coupled with aftercare services or outpatient treatment for continued support, our programs offer a comprehensive approach to recovery. Don’t wait any longer—start your journey to a healthier, happier life at Skyward Treatment Center.