Kitchen Designs for Your Home: How to Ensure the Best?

The demands on the kitchen today are very high. It is even slowly but surely replacing the car as a status symbol. The kitchen should not only be functional, but also suit personal needs. The equipment is particularly important: it should be of high quality and technically state-of-the-art, as well as attractive. Modern kitchens meet these requirements by combining modern living styles, versatile design options and high-quality electrical appliances.

Key Features to Check

  • Functionality and appearance are crucial in modern kitchens.
  • If the kitchen design matches the modern home furnishings, flowing transitions can be created.
  • The modern kitchen style is characterized by a variety of colors and surfaces.
  • Colors and materials can be combined with one another as required. Contrasts are style-defining.
  • High-quality electrical appliances are part of a modern kitchen.

Kitchen Design for a Modern Living Feeling

Nowadays the kitchen not only has to fulfill its function optimally, the appearance is also important especially if you opt for an open kitchen. The kitchen is no longer “hidden” in a room, but is part of the living space and thus part of the lifestyle. The kitchen design should therefore harmonize with the modern home furnishings in order to create flowing transitions between the rooms. If you are aware of the modern kitchen design ideas then you will do your best in ensuring the followings:

The characteristics of the modern kitchen style are therefore:

  • Reduced and straight lines
  • Simple, timeless design
  • Smooth surfaces
  • Clear color design

Modern Kitchens from Simple White to Fiery Red

When you think of the modern kitchen style, you often think of the white high-gloss kitchen first. Without question, this is currently one of the most popular models. But modern kitchens have more to offer because another important characteristic of the modern kitchen style is the variety of colors and surfaces. This fulfills the desire to design the kitchen according to your own ideas. Puristic black and white contrast or an eye-catcher in fire red, high-gloss fronts or matt surfaces whatever you like is allowed. From Foyr Neo now you can expect the best there.

Modern Kitchen Design Offers Diverse Design Possibilities

If you are planning a modern kitchen, you have many options. You can combine materials and colors according to your wishes because that is what defines this kitchen style. Wooden fronts are combined with stone-look worktops; cool high-gloss fronts receive warmth from a wooden worktop. It is not uncommon for several colors to be combined with one another or contrasts created by using opposing materials. Straight lines and smooth surfaces ensure that the kitchen does not appear restless or cluttered. It is also modern to emphasize an element. Set a clear accent with fronts in a bright color or choose a worktop with a trendy rust or concrete look and make it an eye-catcher.

In addition to the design of fronts and worktop, high-quality electrical appliances are an important topic in modern kitchen planning. On the one hand, powerful devices meet the requirements for functionality. With elegant fronts made of stainless steel or black glass, they are also a visual highlight that underlines the modern character of the kitchen. Even if quality devices usually have a higher purchase price, the investment is worthwhile in terms of service life.