Is Myvi 2020 a good choice for you if you are looking for a good hatch city car?

Having a car of your own is synonymous with comfort in getting around, and some simple tips can help you close a good deal without weighing in your pocket. Check out our guide with everything you need to know to choose the right Myvi 2020 model, ensure a good purchase, understand your need, and save on insurance and maintenance.

Is Myvi 2020 model is best for you?

For starters, you have to analyze your needs and choose the model that best fits your profile. Will it be hatch, sedan or SUV? With manual or automatic exchange? Zero km or half new? For those who want to save, price ends up being the first requirement. And then it is worth investing in the affordable cars. A good tip is to put a limit on how much you want to spend, and already take models that exceed this price from the list. But don’t forget to also put items like insurance, maintenance, fuel, etc. If you are looking for the best city car in affordable price then you must bet on Myvi. The Myvi price tag stands at between 42,790 RM to 45,590 RM for both MT, and AT. This car offers several safety benefits including 6 safety air bags, emergency breaking, balance control etc.

Tips for getting a good deal

If you have already chosen the model you want, now is the time to take some precautions to ensure a good purchase. Get all your questions answered before closing a deal. Read the reviews in Be sure to take advantage of the test drive offered by dealers. And whenever possible, visit the stores to see closely all the details of the model you have chosen. Pay attention to the delivery date to find out when the car will be available and plan to receive it.

Eyeing the payment – Financing is one of the most common forms of payment when buying a car, even because of the higher values. But, it is also good to be aware because they can be more expensive than expected. If you choose to finance, do all the accounts considering interest rates. The main tip is to research a lot about the rates each bank offers, and find the ones that best fit your budget.

Save on insurance and maintenance – With the car in the garage, insurance cannot be left out to ensure that you will always be protected. The good news is that you can find a contract that fits in your pocket. And to help you curb everyday spending, you can also count on some apps. With them you can organize all costs with revisions, maintenance, fuel prices, consumption and even payment of taxes.

Information and resources – The emotional component plays a huge role when acquiring a car. The web is full of resources for the buyer. Sites where you can compare different car options, see prices, calculate payments and even estimate the lowest selling price that can be achieved, based on similar car sales in the same geographical area.

Evaluation of the brand is important

The automaker usually has a reputation. Some have a good track record with good, durable cars, others are the opposite. See if it is worth investing in a car of a particular brand. Evaluate what other consumers say about it, recalls it frequently, and anything else that might indicate problems. Even when buying a car from a dealership, it is not very safe if the company is not reliable. If you hear negative comments, don’t take any chances.