Is E-Cigarettes Really Safe Alternative to Smoking?

People who would like to get the same experience of inhaling tobacco smoke without actually smoking, there is an option for them is called vaping. E-Cigarettes are device which s operated on battery and emits vapour instead of smoke which looks like smoke.  

What are e-cigarettes?

E-cigarettes comes in different shapes and sizes like a long tube which looks like cigarettes, mobile devices and many other shapes. The best thing about e-cigarettes is it is reusable with the replenishment of e-liquid. There are various kinds of kits like smok mag 225w kit which is smoke-free.

How do they work?

Most of the E-cigarettes contain parts like a mouthpiece, or cartridge, a heating element, and a rechargeable battery. When the user sucks on the mouthpiece, heating elements gets activated by a sensor and a liquid solution flavour gets vaporized that is held in the mouthpiece. The user then inhales, the aerosol solution. The smok starter kit is simple and easy to use for the beginners.

The nicotine content in the e-liquid varies from zero to “extra-high” level or 24 to 36 milligrams (mg) per millilitre. 

Benefits of Vaping: Vaping is considered a safer and easy alternative to smoking. It bypasses many health risks which are caused by inhaling the smoke produced by tobacco products. There are some studies which have suggested that vaping is helpful in quitting smoking.

Cost-Effective: While the traditional smoking is disposable and every time a user craves for smoking he/she has to buy the new cigarettes, in case of vaping, the devices are reusable and can be used again with the refill of e-juice.  

Risks associated with Vaping: However it is considered safer than smoking, still the continuous use of vaping can lead to serious health issues to the user.

Most of the vape devices contain nicotine, which is one of the addictive chemicals and is harmful to the teen and children’s brain as it triggers the change in the brain. The chemical has a hazardous effect on the developing foetus if consumed by the pregnant woman.

As lungs are exposed to different chemicals like diacetyl. It can cause a serious lung disease called “popcorn lung”.

Now you know how e-cigarettes are safer than normal smoking. But it has its own side effects which can cause serious health problems. Smok mag 225w kit is safe for the people who are trying to quit smoking and it is easy to use as well.