How to modernise your kitchen?

Does your kitchen unit remind you that it fits into the 1980 era? Kitchen is the heart of every house and if you think that its design is outdated, then this guide can help you to give a makeover.

Gone are the days when kitchen was just considered as the household help or was relegated only to the females of the home. Everyone now wants to have a spacious and trendy looking kitchen. Is your kitchen designed as stylistically and efficiently as possible? If not, you need to think of getting an up-to-date design.

Go modern

A modular kitchen comprises of accessories and cabinets to get the most out of available space. The simplified versions of the modules are easy to fit it and dismantle as well. These readily available units not only make the repair work easy, but also allow you to clean with no trouble. High on inch to inch functional and looks, these layouts bring in a contemporary and sleek look. Say bye to clutter, welcoming these modular kitchen cabinets.

Create smart spaces with bin holders, pullout cabinets, adjustable shelves, carousels, and wire drawers. They are sure to make your time spent in the kitchen fun and organized. See how you can arrange your kitchen utensils and other stuffs in an arranged manner in different compartments.


You can find a load of options on colours, patterns, and textures, etc. Stain- resistant and durable materials like marine ply, PVC, and stainless steel are the existing options for an Indian kitchen. Customise it as per your needs and taste. Remodel in phases to suit all corners and spaces, without troubling you to do your daily core in the kitchen area.

In-built appliances

Built-in appliances are easy to maintain and serve as ergonomic space savers and ideal choice for small kitchens. Select from best quality hoods, dishwashers, ovens, and hobs, while planning the layout of the modular units. These built-ins gel well with tall units effectively.  You can also think of buying smart faucets that come with hands-free and flexible features, letting you to work with ease. If you’re in the budget, you can also plan to invest in some high-tech appliances with smart feature, which adjust with flow, temperature, etc.

Eco-friendly countertops

If you’re keen in getting an island kitchen (depending upon the space of your kitchen obviously), it’s time to discard those old countertops with green eco-friendly materials. Recycled steel, engineered stone, concrete are some green options that help to minimise carbon footprint. Ice stones or opaque slabs, transparent bio-glass counter-tops can give a green theme to your kitchen.

With the above ideas, it’s time to reform and get an innovative piece of modular kitchen.

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