How To Install a Birdhouse in Your Yard?

We can differentiate the numerous benefits of having birdhouses within your yard. You should know that when birds visit your backyard, you are boosting the ecosystem within your area. Having feathered friends will increase the interest in your yard, meaning birds will keep visiting you.

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Suppose you wish to attract them to your yard by implementing appealing homes and adding fresh water to the yard. That way, they will help your garden in numerous ways. We can also call their homes nesting boxes because we are creating a safe place for birds to build their nests while remaining protected from predators and elements.

During the winter, they can visit a place to enjoy the warmth from the cold outside, which is vital to remember. We must differentiate other benefits of installing nests, including:

  • Weed Control – You should know that they enjoy consuming weed seeds. It is a perfect situation for both sides. On the other hand, weed infestation can reduce the appeal of your garden or lawn.
  • Pest Control – Another consideration to remember is that birds consume insects and can help eliminate unwanted pests in your yard. Besides, they can free you from using harmful pesticides.
  • Conservation – Birds enjoy native plants, meaning when you grow them, you are more likely to attract them to your yard, especially after installing a friendly nest. That way, you can diminish your gardening chores, which is an essential factor.
  • Flower Pollination – Birds enjoy sipping nectar from flowers, which increases the pollination process. Since the bee population is reducing, attracting birds is essential for boosting the pollination within your garden.
  • Property Value – Having a properly maintained household with landscaping that attracts them will boost your curb appeal and property value.

The main idea is to choose the perfect nest, which also depends on your personal taste and other factors. Generally, they come in numerous sizes and shapes that match your outdoor décor. In the further article, we will explain how to install a birdhouse post easily.

Tips for Installing a Birdhouse Post

You probably understand birds feature both entertaining and cheerful presence, especially in your backyard. Therefore, if you are short on feathered friends or wish to attract more, the best way to do this is by making a wood birdhouse to bring them as many as you can.

Everything depends on outside factors, but you can hang it from a tree branch if you have a tree in your yard. However, if you do not have it, we recommend installing a post, meaning you should attach the house to it to ensure the best course of action.

We recommend you follow these steps, which will help you learn how to install a post.

The Project

Suppose you wish to do everything by yourself. You must understand everything about woodworking and creating a post using scrap lumber. If that is not the case, you can find the wood post in a home improvement store.

The main goal is to choose the one that will fit the type of birds you wish to attract and allow room for brackets while attaching it. Installing is a weekend project, meaning you should follow these instructions for the best course of action.

Tools You Need

  • Wooden birdhouse and post
  • 25-pound easy-mix concrete
  • Large bucket
  • Two to three quarts of cold water
  • Cardboard concrete in the cylindrical shape
  • Metal or wood stirring stick
  • Cutting tool
  • Old metal trowel or spoon
  • Level
  • Electric drill
  • Pencil
  • Safety goggles
  • Screwdriver
  • Paint
  • Four small mounting screws and brackets
  • Tarp for painting

Step-by-Step Guide

  • Dig a Hole – After painting the post, you should leave the process to dry off. While waiting, you should dig at least a two-inch hole, which should be wider than the post. The hole should be twelve-inches deep. The main idea is to insert the cardboard cylinder inside and use carpet knife to cut it between ten and fifteen inches above the ground. Remember to call the building code association from your area before starting digging to prevent potential issues from happening.
  • Attach Brackets – The next step includes using a pencil to mark each side for placing metal brackets, which is an important consideration to remember. At the same time, you should wear safety goggles throughout the process and drill the holes. Add screws inside each bracket. Sometimes, you can paint the bracket to match the house and pole, but everything depends on your preferences.
  • Mix Place Post and Cement – You should pour dry concrete into a bucket, use water, and stir until you reach the mushy consistency. We recommend you follow the instructions you can find on the concrete package, which will help you ensure the best results possible. Generally, you should pour one-third of the mixture inside the house and place the pole on top. Then, you can use either spoon or trowel to surround it with the remaining concrete. It is vital to ensure that the pole is straight and aligned to one side. Therefore, you may need to adjust the process. It would be best if you allowed it to harden in the next two days at most.

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  • Drill Holes into the Birdhouse – The next step is to set it on the post and use the pencil to mark the bracket holes. Then you should drill them and screw the birdhouse into the post, which will allow it to stay safe.
  • Cut Away – You can use a carpet knife to cut any portion of cardboard form that will go aside from the cement. The main goal is to cover cement using dirt and surrounding area, covering it with mulch and pine needles.

As soon as you complete the post and birdhouse project, it would help if you waited until the tenants arrived. Implementing a bath and cleaning it frequently is vital to ensure they have a new water source. That way, you can bring more of them to your backyard, which was the main goal from the start.