How to Deal with a Hit And Run Accident

No matter how prepared or experienced you are in driving, someone else being careless behind the wheel can put you in a stressful situation. Car accidents have been rising each year. Similarly, hit and run accidents have also increased significantly. 

A hit-and-run accident takes place when a driver gets into an accident with your vehicle and flees the accident scene. Many drivers run away from the accident scene in fear of the consequences without thinking about the trouble that will follow later. In such a situation, the victim may be stressed and confused about what you should do, who will pay for your damages, and more. 

Even if the driver ran away from the accident scene, you could still file for compensation. A Cheyenne car accident lawyer can help you navigate through the process and ensure you get monetary compensation. 

  • Do not panic and monitor the situation. 

It is evident to stress and be overwhelmed when the driver runs away. However, you must remain calm and assess the accident scene. Look out for injuries for yourself and others around you. If you see anyone severely injured, make sure you call out for medical help urgently. 

  • Do not leave the scene and call the police. 

Many victims believe that if the at-fault driver runs away, they should leave too. However, doing so will only create additional issues. Call the police even if there is no significant damage or injuries visible. Even if there is no other driver, the police will file a report and help in tracking down the other driver. The police report will also be needed when you file for compensation. 

  • Gather evidence. 

Until the police arrive, make sure you click pictures of the damages to your vehicle, the accident scene, weather and road conditions, your physical injuries, and more, if possible. 

  • Report to your insurance company. 

When the other driver fled from the accident scene, the police may or may not be able to track them. Therefore, you must take all the possible steps from your side to make sure you receive reimbursement for the damages and injuries. Call your insurance company and tell them everything. The insurance company will guide you on the following steps to get financial compensation. 

  • Seek legal help. 

Compared to normal accidents, hit-and-run car accidents can be challenging. Since the driver is absent, getting compensation and proving that you were not at fault can be difficult. Speak to a lawyer who will assist you in handling your claim and ensure you get justice.