How to Create a Healthy Workplace

A healthy workplace is synonymous with increased productivity, heightened employee morale, and a positive culture in your organization. There is a growing awareness around the globe on the importance of sound mental health because employees are inclined to give their best when they are happy. Therefore, fostering a healthy workplace helps minimize costs relating to absenteeism, workers’ compensation, medical claims, and employee turnover. Here’s how you can create a more positive work environment.

Give Your Employees An Authentic Voice

Feedback is one of the most valuable gifts your employees will ever give you, and you should treasure it. Providing opportunities to employees to voice their feelings helps you determine ways to help them excel.

Consider using a technology-enabled platform to collect real-time feedback that you can use to improve on the pain areas within the organization. After collecting feedback, take the time to address their concerns to keep up the motivation and engagement.

Show Appreciation Frequently

Everybody wants to feel appreciated for their work, and regular recognition from the boss increases confidence and boosts one’s mood. Make the time to give meaningful rewards to your employees often. For instance, you can send random shout-outs or give custom plaques during award ceremonies. You may personalize the plaques by engraving the employee’s achievements. Such small acts go a long way in improving employee retention and morale.

Empower Team Members

The dream of every leader is to work with an empowered team, but fostering heightened knowledge and awareness doesn’t come easily. One way of empowering employees is to provide them with a growth plan and reward every milestone they make.

You also want to encourage self-failure by allowing them to fall short in some areas as long as it doesn’t jeopardize the company. Consider defining roles and requiring accountability to make the expectations clear.

Have A Workplace Mental Health Plan

Your organization should support employees who may be suffering from mental health challenges like depression and anxiety. When you have a well-laid mental health plan, you know the guidelines to follow in creating a mentally healthy workplace.

Ensure your company is prepared with the appropriate policies, procedures, and training to handle these conditions. Managers can use various templates to create an ideal mental health policy.

Build Trust

According to an article published on Inc., 90% of the interviewed workers said they value trust, fairness, and honestly. When these attributes are present in a workplace, the employees feel safe and happy working. You can do these things to establish trust within your place of work.

  • Make firm commitments – avoid phrases like “I’ll do my best.”
  • Keep every promise you make – be careful not to over-promise and under-deliver.
  • Follow up – Update all members on the progress made.

Create A Psychologically Secure Environment

A psychologically safe environment is one in which the employees are comfortable being themselves. They have a nontoxic space to express themselves freely without fear of retaliation or embarrassment.

When employees are confident that you receive their ideas lovingly, they will participate in meaningful conversations, stay engaged and voice their opinions. Such an environment can only flourish based on genuine care for the workers.

Keep The Office Clean And Comfortable

While this may seem like a no-brainer, the physical space of an office is crucial. Create an inviting office design that will make the employees lively and happy. Make sure there is enough natural light and plenty of space. Invest in comfortable furniture and the right wall paint. Green paint is a good choice because human beings associate it with tranquility and nature.

Consider Cultural Alignment When Hiring

Organizational culture is more of a shared experience than an individualized feeling. The team players should develop their desired culture over time, meaning that the members you hire will play a critical role in sustaining its culture.

When culture is aligned correctly with personal values, needs, and goals, it can unleash considerable energy to shape the purpose and encourage its growth. Therefore, ensure you hire candidates who match your organization’s energy and passion for your vision.

A healthy workplace is an environment where employees feel appreciated, heard, and part of a bigger mission. It results in more innovation and authentic leadership within the organization. The eight tips explained in this article will go a long way in helping you improve your company’s culture for the best.