Haloween fundraisers for schools and other nonprofit organizations are amazing and effective activities to raise funds for a specific cause, such as fund educational trips, buying school resources, or improving learners’ experiences inside and outside the classroom. What makes Halloween fundraisers a big hit is that they are always filled with fun. Many people are happy to participate in activities where they can laugh and scream at a few Halloween costume scares here and there, which makes them willingly donate to the cause.

If you want to host a Halloween fundraiser activity, here are some ideas.

Costume contest

It is no doubt that the best part of Halloween is dressing up and seeing all sorts of costumes. Thankfully there are so many online costumes for Halloween, so there is no excuse for not dressing up. You can transform a costume day into a fundraiser through the following ways:

  • Initiate a costume contest for everyone involved. For instance, if it is a school fundraiser, adults get to win the best costume from the students’ vote and vice versa.
  • Have various categories for costume contests such as scariest costume, a character-like costume, silliest costume, etc. Then you can find sponsors to provide prizes for every category and charge a fee to enter the contest.

Trick and treat facebook auction

Another idea for a Halloween fundraiser is transforming your silent auction with an online Facebook auction for Halloween. What happens is that as people wait for trick or treaters, they can bid on yummy treats depending on their tastes. You can integrate coupons, wine donations, and vouchers for pastry stores. But you must establish a coordinator post auction items on the page with minimum bids. Also, send emails and texts showing when the auction will be live, and the people can send a bid with the items they are interested in. then, the coordinator will send messages to the winners when the auction closes.

Pumpkin fundraisers

Pumpkin fundraisers come with many options, including pumpkin painting contests, jack-o-lantern contests, and even pumpkin picking. Pumpkin fundraiser for Halloween is a great idea, especially if you can get donations from a local farm or grocery store.

How many candy corn is in a jar

This is a simple one. You only have to fill a jar with candies, candy corn, or any other kind of candies and charge a certain amount per guess of how many candies are in the jar. You can place the jar in your reception area or any other convenient spot. Make it clear that the closest guesser wins and make the prize an enticing one.

Halloween dinner for two

You can use raffles to take advantage of a Halloween night. The raffle winner gets a romantic scary dinner for two, and it should be complete with a haunted house and a spooky movie. Ensure you have enough time to push the raffle on social media and other channels so that you make the most out of the big Halloween event.


Whether it is a big or small nonprofit organization, you can take advantage of the year’s big events like Halloween to fundraise.