Guide to choose the best Black Noir Costume

As portrayed by Nathan Mitchell, Black Noir is often regarded as the most mysterious member of The Seven. There is little known about him beyond the fact that he is one of the world’s most lethal martial artists due to his extraordinary strength and heightened awareness.

The Techniques behind the Black Noir Style

Black Noir is a member of the superhero team The Seven in the Amazon Prime video series The Boys. Even though he wears all black and a mask over his face, people still regard him as the heroic mystery. A ninja in appearance and demeanour. Black Noir is an accomplished martial artist, has enhanced senses, and can lift heavy objects with ease. The very mention of his name is enough to send criminals scrambling for safety. His status as an unknown entity only adds to the terror he inspires. According to the show, Black Noir is a copy of Homelander whose job it is to keep an eye on the main hero of The Seven to make sure he doesn’t go crazy.

Black Noir is the code name for one of the seven heroes who make up The Boys. The very mention of his name is enough to send shivers up the spines of his enemies, no matter where they may be. As a super ninja, he is very skilled and extremely dangerous. Black Noir’s exact look is a mystery because he always covers his face with a mask.

Cosplay Attire Inspired by the Film Noir Era

Dressing in the Black Noir aesthetic is a surefire way to become the most enigmatic of The Seven in the hit Amazon series The Boys. Without saying a word, you can send a message with the help of the following costume guidelines. This all-black outfit comprises of a motorcycle jacket, tactical pants, motorcycle gloves, and combat boots, and will give you the look of a stealthy ninja. The final touches to this getup are a black ski mask and a military-style helmet. The heavy reliance on leather and leather-like fabrics gives the ensemble the appearance of being uncomfortable, but in truth, it’s quite warm and welcoming.

The Lads Decked Out in Their Noir Clothes

You may be excused for thinking that making your own Black Noir outfit from scratch would be an extremely difficult task. The reality is that it’s not hard to put together a costume that makes you look like a member of the Black Noir subculture if you already own a few basic pieces. Here is a complete shopping list of everything you’ll need to recreate The Boys’ Black Noir look.

Protective Gear, Black and Noir

Find a black top that mimics the look of body armour and put it on your upper body as a first step.

Black motorcycle armour is the best choice here. This won’t be an exact replica of what your character wears, but it will give you the desired effect.

Pants in a Dark Black and grey Pattern

You need to go out and find some pants so that you can cover your lower half.

Wearing a pair of black leggings is your best bet in this predicament. You can choose between compression pants and running leggings.

Black and Noir Boots

Finding a good pair of black boots to wear with your Black Noir costume is essential if you want to look your best on Halloween. Wearing a pair of black combat boots would be the wisest choice right now.