Get The Most Out Of Your Entertainment Experience With Active Services From Dish TV!


Everyone likes to get a little extra something in life. And that’s why, in addition to the regular Dish TV recharge plans, Dish TV also offers an exciting dose of extra entertainment with Active Services. DishTV’s Active Services include several channels across categories such as Movies, Music, Kids, Devotional, Lifestyle, and more.

It’s time to add some extra masala to your entertainment with DishTV’s Active Services. Get these services now with online Dish recharge and do more with your television. Check out the list of channels available in each category under Dish TV’s active services and make your choice now!

Entertainment Channels

Watch blockbuster movies and exciting short films, listen to your favourite music, watch your favourite K-Drama, and get your daily dose of laughter or thrill, all of it, right here with the 13 Entertainment channels offered under Dish TV’s Active Services.

  1. WatchO at ₹ 29*/Month
  2. Zindagi Active at ₹ 2.12*/Day (First 15 Days Free)
  3. Rangmanch Active at ₹ 2.1*/Day
  4. Movies Active at ₹ 1.98*/Day
  5. ShortsTV Active at ₹ 1.98*/Day
  6. Evergreen Classics Active at ₹ 1.43*/Day
  7. Comedy Active at ₹ 1.43*/Day
  8. Thriller Active at ₹ 1.43*/Day
  9. Music Active Hits + Music Masala Active at ₹ 1.43*/Day
  10. Korean Drama Active at ₹ 1.43*/Day
  11. Music Active at ₹ 1.43*/Day
  12. Songdew TV at ₹ 0.83*/Day
  13. Cine Active at ₹ 0.83*/Day

Lifestyle Channels

Stay active, learn about your health, take up some healthy cooking and live a fulfilled life with some tips and tricks from the Lifestyle gurus in the following channels:

  1. Women’s Active at ₹ 1* for the first 7 days then ₹ 1.43*/Day
  2. Fitness Active at ₹ 1.43*/Day
  3. Cooking Active at ₹ 1.43*/Day
  4. Ayushmaan(Jiyo Bharpoor) at ₹ 1.43*/Day

Devotional & Astrology Channels

Attain inner peace by watching devotional shows and listening to devotional songs of your faith. Also, learn a little more about astrology and how it affects your life.

  1. Bhakti Active at ₹ 1.43*/Day
  2. Ibadat Active at ₹ 1.43*/Day
  3. Jyotish Duniya at ₹ 1* for the first 7 days then ₹ 1.43*/Day

Kids Channels

There’s something for everyone! Let your toddlers aged 2-6 years of age enjoy Kids Active Rhymes. Meanwhile, Kids Active Toons caters to kids aged 6-12 years of age. Get both these channels at ₹ 1.43*/Day.

Learning Channels

Learn and groove to the tunes of upbeat music with Dance Active at ₹ 1.43*/Day. Meanwhile, get ready to ace your academics with Topper at ₹ 1.98*/Day.

Regional Channels

That’s not all, you also get regional channels such as Telugu Active and Punjabi Active, both at the nominal price of ₹ 1.43*/Day.

Combo Offers 

Dish TV also offers combo plans in active services. They are as follows:

  1. Bhakti+Jyotish Combo at ₹ 2*/Day
  2. Dance+Music Combo at ₹ 2*/Day
  3. Entertainment Dhamaka at ₹ 2.8*/Day
  4. The All-in-one Combo at ₹ 5.62*/Day

You can get all of these and more with Dish TV. Simply get your add-ons and do your Dish TV recharge on time to enjoy all of these services. For Dish TV and more such DTH recharge plans such as a Tata Sky recharge or Airtel Digital TV recharge, simply use Airtel Payments Bank and get numerous perks!