Frequently Asked Questions about Yacht Charter in Tenerife

Yacht Charter in Tenerife

A yacht sailing trip in Tenerife offers everyone the opportunity to experience vivid, amazing emotions that will be remembered for a long time. By chartering a yacht in Tenerife, you will find yourself in a world of harmony and tranquility, which will distract you from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The walk will replenish your life energy, allowing you to forget about all your problems and enjoy carefree and fun times with your friends and relatives.

Yacht as an ideal choice for ocean trips and events

A yacht is ideal for a leisurely stroll and relaxation on the ocean, and you can also organize a festive event on it.

Advantages of renting a yacht:

  • An original location for relaxation and any event.
  • Creativity of the chosen solution. Renting a yacht in Tenerife means making a unique decision, as not everyone can say that they spent their weekend sailing on a yacht.
  • A beautiful photoshoot from the snow-white deck of the yacht.
  • Relaxation away from the noisy city, where there is practically no one around.
  • A very favorable atmosphere that sets the whole body to rest with body and soul.

Most Popular Questions about Yacht Rental

When it comes to yacht rental, many clients face a number of questions. The most popular ones are:

Factors affecting yacht rental prices

What determines the price of yacht rental? The price of renting a yacht depends on many factors, primarily the class of the chosen vessel, with “VIP” class yachts being the most expensive. The yacht’s capacity, its manufacturer, the duration of the chosen route, and the range of additional services also influence the cost. During colder seasons, yacht rental prices will be lower than in summer, due to increased demand for yacht trips in the warmer months.

Time of day for yacht rentals

At what time of day can you rent a yacht? Boat rental services are provided to clients year-round, both during daylight and nighttime hours, when the island lights up and the colors are vividly reflected off the ocean’s surface.

Activities during yacht trips

What can you do during a yacht trip? During a yacht trip, you can organize a festive table, have an original photoshoot or order a special entertainment program, or simply admire the beauty of Tenerife.

Providing food during yacht trips

Can the company provide food during the trip? In addition to rentals, the company offers its clients a range of additional services, including food catering.

Extending yacht trips

Can you extend the yacht trip? Clients often want to extend their rental while sailing in the ocean. This is possible; to do so, you need to contact the manager or representative of the company.

Choosing the right charter company

How do you choose the right charter company? When selecting a yacht company, you should primarily turn to reliable and proven companies. When arranging the rental, clients should be provided with special financial documents. Moreover, the company must have all necessary documents for providing passenger transportation services.

Which Company to Use for Yacht Charter Services?

Chartering a yacht with Rent Boat Tenerife is not only the right choice but also a very cost-effective one. The company has a well-established reputation in the boat rental services market and offers very competitive and affordable prices.

Renting a yacht with “Rent Boat Tenerife” is very easy; you just need to contact the managers by phone or submit an application on the company’s website.