Even the best players lose regularly: here’s why

Practice makes perfect – or does it? In some cases, ‘getting good’ simply takes dedication and resolve. However, when it comes to becoming one of the all-time gaming greats, you’re always going to need to eat humble pie. Why? There’s no such thing as perfection in gaming – there’s success, but perfection is unrealistic.

This extends to all kinds of games, too. Consider card games that rely on probability – there’s no way for you to control what’s in your hand at a casino table! It does make sense to check out resources such as bingo game reviews, of course, to make sure you know what you’re getting into. However, it makes even more sense to keep an open mind – otherwise, you might be faced with disappointment!

Great players know they might lose

It’s true! Again, let’s expand this beyond PC and console games. With videogames, skill certainly comes into play – and practice absolutely helps. However, there will always come a time where you face a challenge or lose unexpectedly. Laws of probability always suggest that perfection simply isn’t possible!

What’s more, the best players can shake off a loss or two. Consider how a threat of losing may affect sportspeople. Intensive sports such as tennis and soccer, for example, rely on nerve and precision. Letting your mentality get affected badly by the threat of loss or failure will all but guarantee it. What’s more, when you start falling into a failure malaise, it’s harder to get back up again.

This absolutely applies to games, too! Without some resistance against failure, there’d never be the concept of ’just one more go’. The best gamers know that failure is all but guaranteed sometimes – and without it, the games wouldn’t be much fun.

The odds are always stacked

It’s important to remember with casino games that while there are plenty of great chances you will win some rounds, you will certainly lose others. The phenomenon known as the ‘house edge’ means that casinos simply don’t let players win constantly – how else could they run their businesses? With this, too, there’s the thrill of getting a win – as they are rarer, they can feel more exciting. As mentioned, winning all the time is just boring!

Regular casino players will also be aware of a phenomenon called variance. Variance occurs during any play and through all table and card games. If you feel you are on a lucky streak, and keep on playing, eventually you will lose. What’s more, you may even find that you run through a series of losses – it’s a fact of the game, and yet again, it’s a probability factor.

Even the best players know that they must take the rough with the smooth. Some of the biggest poker players of all time lose hands and rounds.

Gaming can be a lot of fun if you have the right attitude – no matter the games you play, always be ready to lose – as bizarre as it sounds!