Elite Office Furniture: 7 Big Factors When Buying Office Desks

In 2020, Australia’s furniture market was worth nearly AUD2.9 billion. The office furniture sector is a big part of this industry due to its importance in physical offices and home offices. Chairs, tables, and storage pieces are essential components of an office layout.

Workstations are another vital furniture piece for working on PCs and Macs. Many home offices only include essential Elite Office Furniture, including desks. When selecting an office desk, here are some of the main features to consider:    


If you’re buying any office furniture such as desks, it’s critical to consider the piece’s overall quality. Doing so includes factors like design, materials, and craftsmanship. Purchasing a high-quality desk can help to prevent buying a new one every few years.

You should also make sure you stay under budget when selecting desks. However, you can still find affordable pieces made of materials like hardwood that are long-lasting yet won’t have ultra-high prices.  


Reflection of Company’s Culture/Brand 

This factor is especially vital if clients visit your office regularly. For example, if your furniture seems antique and outdated, then it can create the same brand perception. You can certainly select classic desk styles, but they should still present your brand’s positive image.

Here are some examples. If your company is in the outdoor lifestyle business, you should consider a rustic aesthetic. Meanwhile, a tech company might use modern furniture that creates a fresh vibe.  


Doing so is a critical feature to improve desk ergonomics. Today, the average workweek for Australians is 37.5 hours. An adjustable desk provides workers the ability to toggle between sitting and standing desks. An upright desk allows office workers to stand up and stretch their spine.   

Space available 

If your company is installing furniture in small spaces, then you should consider small furniture. This will use the area most efficiently and avoid wasting space. Selecting options like a writing desk or computer desk can also help free up space for other furniture besides desks. 

If you have a large office then compact desks can leave a lot of free space. This can give the opposite effect and make the desk seem lost in the large space.


This is a critical feature whether you’re using a big or small desk. Furniture pieces like file storage cabinets can help to store various office supplies, for example. However, there are also other items that you’ll need to be within arm’s arch. 

It’s important for a desk to have enough drawers for items like pens, paper, and other bits and pieces. This feature can make workers more efficient and thus more productive. 

Surface Area 

The workspace area should provide enough area to complete all tasks on your to-do list. This can include areas like:

  • Desktop/Laptop computer
  • Folders/Files 
  • Picture frame  
  • Flower vase
  • Coffee mug

It’s essential for workers to personalize their desks. This process will be easier with a desk that has a large enough desktop. While the floor space is important, the desk’s surface area is also critical. 

Office Chairs

When considering factors like ergonomics, it’s crucial to pair the right chairs with desks. Combining ergonomic chairs and desks can help to keep your workers comfortable and supported during the day. In fact, studies show that employee discomfort can be quite costly for companies. 

While desks are a common type of office furniture for today’s businesses, it’s essential to select the right items from sources like Elite Office Furniture. Factors like available space, storage, and surface area are some of the many factors to weigh to find the best desk.