E-cigarettes are not equally harmful as smoking – Debunking this myth

The whole world is familiar with the truth that smoking kills! This is why the tobacco cigarette packs are packed with the statutory warning. But who cares? How many smokers take that statutory warning seriously and take any step to quit smoking to take care of their health? Very few! Now that the industry has introduced several smoking cessation tools like nicotine patches, gums and electronic cigarettes, people have gradually started accepting the latter one with high hopes of being able to quit smoking.

There has always been a myth among the public that electronic cigarette are either equally harmful as smoking or more harmful. But this is far from being true as there are several researches which say that e-cigs are much safer as they don’t involve tobacco and combustion. Before you place your order from buyv2cigs.co.uk, here are few things to know.

Smoking is the biggest preventable cause of cancer

If you’re smoke-free, you can prevent yourself from developing at least 15 kinds of cancer which include pancreatic, bowel and lung, to name a few. There have been several evidences which proved that e-cigarettes are much less harmful as compared to smoking tobacco cigarettes only due to the fact that they don’t contain tobacco and there’s no combustion involved. There is no tar, smoke or carbon monoxide which is the main toxicants which cause harm to human health.

The evidence also points to the fact that e-cigs are much closer to the other NRT products as long as the harm is concerned. Though there isn’t any definite proof of long-term safety, people who have been using them for a long time now have never developed any such symptoms of cancer or other cardiovascular diseases.

E-cigarette vapour – What does it comprise of?

The toxins that you find in second-hand smoke coming from tobacco cigarettes are responsible for several thousand deaths each year. On the other hand, e-cigarettes don’t involve any combustion and hence there isn’t any side-stream vapour. The only source of second-hand vapour is exhaled by the user. Toxicants might be present but at pretty low levels or it might be so low that it can’t cause harm to human health. Moreover, people who are standing around you while you’re vaping will also not be affected due to the second-hand vapour.

So, don’t you think that e-cigarettes are much less harmful than tobacco cigarettes? So, what are you waiting for? Get an e-cig or a vape pen for yourself and choose vaping over smoking.