Could One Truly Believe a Plumbing company?

According to a recent poll, plumbers are right up there on the list of least trusted professions along with estate agents, politicians, and worse, even bankers. So while it’s true that the plumbing trade, much like every other trade, has its fair number of rip-off merchants and dumb cowboys, it also has its fair share of trustworthy, professional, and knowledgeable craftsmen.

However, is hiring a decent plumber that difficult? Not if you follow these golden principles.


Okay, so I’m assuming you don’t know a decent plumber, but there’s a strong possibility that someone you know does. This being the case, then all you’ve got to do is to spread the word and make it known that you’re on the lookout for a dependable and trustworthy plumber. Speak to friends, family members, and work acquaintances.

Failing that, if you’ve had a positive experience with another tradesperson, such as a builder, electrician, or A/C repair professional, then why not ask them if they can suggest someone. 


Any respectable plumber has to have a website these days like, and if so, here is where you get to play detective. First, check out internet reviews, or check out their Twitter/Facebook profiles and get a sense of how they’re connecting with their clients.

If they don’t make quick answers to consumer requests or are worse still, ignoring them altogether, you’ll probably get a decent sense of where this will proceed. It truly is a beautiful method of judging if someone is sincere about their customer service or not.


So now you may have located the appropriate plumber, you still need to make sure that they’re both skilled in that they have the proper licensure to carry out the task you require completed and confidence in their skills so that they can back up their work with a guarantee. If all boxes are checked, then you’re almost home and dry.


One last thing…

Ask them to give you a quotation for the work and compare it to another comparable quote but make sure you’re comparing oranges with oranges. Of course, a skilled plumber would want to examine the scope of the task first before they commit, which is reasonable. After all, there’s nothing worse than giving a fee for what was judged by the client to be ‘simple straightforward work’ only to discover that the project turns out to be considerably more involved.

If after this you’re pleased with the quotation of plumbing company, and they’re happy that they can complete the job for that fee, then bingo…you’ve found yourself a plumber.


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