Call An Attorney Before Filing A Dog Bite Injury Claim In Atlanta

The immediate trauma and shock of a dog bite can be hard to bear. Unfortunately, accidents involving dogs are not rare in the US. States have different laws regarding dog bites, and if you have been bitten by someone’s dog in Atlanta, just knowing the laws won’t be enough. You should speak with an attorney today to understand your rights and whether and how you can bring an injury claim. Here are some primary aspects to know.

Investigating a dog bite-related injury claim

Several factors can help determine the liability in a dog bite-related accident. Once you engage an attorney, they will try and find out how the dog was acquired and whether the animal was given any training. They will also talk to the dog owner’s neighbors to know whether such incidents or accidents were reported in the past and if the animal control or police were involved at some point. They will also identify the veterinarian who provided care for the dog to know if there were previous signs that the animal has aggressive tendencies.

Laws in Georgia

In states like California, dog owners are responsible for incidents where their dogs attack other people, no matter whether it is the first incident or the third. Georgia follows the “one-bite rule”, which states that a dog owner is liable for injuries caused to others if they have reasons to know the animal is aggressive or has a tendency to bite. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the owner can get away with an incident because this is the first one. Dog owners have the responsibility to protect their animals from others. Certain municipalities in the state also have leash laws. In Atlanta, owners are required to leash their dogs in public places, and if the dog bit someone when it was not on the leash, the owner is deemed liable for the injuries, even if it was the first incident.

You have to act quickly

The statute of limitations in every state gives out deadlines for filing personal injury and other lawsuits. For dog bites, the statute of limitations in Georgia allows two years from the date of the mishap. If you have suffered severe injuries because of a dog bite, consider talking to an attorney without any delay and ensure that you seek help in filing a claim.

Proving liability and negligence in a dog bite accident is often the most challenging task. Get an attorney today!